Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On Saturday June 3, I posted a petition to members of Congress urging them not to allow illegal immigrants to become United States Citizens.  The Senate has already passed a bill to provide such a process.  The House of Representatives has no such provision.  A conference committee of the two houses must write a compromise bill if any immigration reform is to be enacted.  It is not too late to stop the nonsensical provision of allowing illegal actions to be a stepping stone to becoming an American citizen.  Citizens need to let Congress, particularly the Senate, know that they do not want illegal immigrants to be granted citizenship.

According to an article in the Peoria Journal Star (May 26, 2006, page A10), “38 Democrats, 23 Republicans and one independent voted for the bill, while 32 Republicans opposed and four Democrats opposed it.”  (That is the quote.  I know it is poorly written but I didn’t write it.  I’m just quoting it.)   Since I reside in Illinois, the vote of the Senators from Illinois is an important concern of mine.  “Illinois Senators Dick Durbin and Barack Obama, both Democrats, voted in favor of the bill.” (Peoria Journal Star, May 26, 2006, page A10)

I believe all Senators receive their mail at either 332 Dirksen Building or 713 Hart Building.  Dick Durbin’s Washington address is 332 Dirksen Building, Washington D.C., 20510 and Barack Obama’s Washington address is 713 Hart Building, Washington, D.C., 20510.  Senate Majority Leader William Frisk’s Washington address is 713 Hart Building, Washington, D.C., 20510.  According to the article, Senator Frisk voted for the Senate bill.  Send the petition or something similar to your congressional Representative and congressional Senators and to Bill Frisk.  Let Congress know that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS MUST NOT BE GRANTED CITIZENSHIP!!!

“’Why not say to those undocumented workers who are working the jobs that the rest of us refuse, come out from the shadow,’ said Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, a key architect of the bill.” (Peoria Journal Star, May 26, 2006, page A1)  Notice that Senator McCain does not refer to these illegal immigrants as illegal immigrants.  Rather, they are undocumented workers.  What are undocumented workers?  ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!  The term undocumented workers does not provide the same negative response as illegal immigrants.  Thus, supporters of granting citizenship to illegal immigrants will seldom if ever actually use that term.  It is a common devise used to lessen the actual truth of the situation.              

Worse than Senator McCain’s use of language is his apparent lack of understanding of basic supply and demand.  Illegal immigrants do not work jobs that the rest of us refuse to work.  Illegal immigrants change the dynamics of the supply and demand curve for labor.  If no illegal immigrants were available to work these jobs, the basic principle of supply and demand requires that employers increase the wages for these workers to induce individuals to work these particular jobs.  It is not that American citizens refuse to work these jobs.  It is that it is difficult to attract American workers to these jobs at the wages that employers want to pay.  When illegal immigrants enter the job market they are willing to work for wages lower than American workers are willing to work for.  Illegal immigrants increase the supply of workers and decrease the cost of labor.  My question is: Why doesn’t Senator McCain understand this basic fundamental concept of supply and demand?  I have another question:  Why is someone with such a basic lack of knowledge of supply and demand a United States Senator???  (No, although I was an Arizona voter, I have never voted for John McCain!)        

Let’s not ignore the obvious.  Some illegal immigrants are paid “under the table”.  In fact legally, illegal immigrants should not even be hired for a job if they do not have a valid social security number.  Some illegal immigrants are paid less than minimum wage.  Thus, some employers are violating at least two federal laws.  These employers are hiring illegal immigrants who do not have a valid social security number and they are paying the illegal immigrants below the minimum wage required by law.  They are more likely to get away with these illegal acts by employing illegal immigrants than by trying to employ American citizens.  The federal government has not been enforcing our current laws.  If they did, far fewer illegal immigrants would be working in this county.

Think about this.  Why aren’t labor organizations who usual support Democrats screaming about this situation?  They should be, shouldn’t they?  Illegal immigrants artificially lower the wage standards for a particular job or industry.  This is accomplished because illegal immigrants are willing to work for lower wages than American citizens are.  Illegal immigrants also take jobs that would other wise be given to American citizens.  Illegal immigrants have changed the supply and demand curve for jobs.  Again, why is American labor supporting this loss of American jobs and income within our borders?  Are they working in the best interests of the American worker?

What does an illegal immigrant do with the money he earns in the United States?  Some of the money, of course, is used to physically support his existence.  In many cases, some of the money earned is sent out of the United States to support family members in his country of origin.  This exportation of money earned in the United States and spent in other countries is detrimental to the United States because it is earned here but not spent here.  

Will providing American citizenship stop this exportation of our money?  Maybe, if the rest of his family that is being supported in his home country is also allowed to come to the United States.  Consequently, we may have a situation where not only does the original illegal immigrant become a United States citizen but so may his family.  Are we looking at possible unintended consequences of this action or is this exactly what the supporters of this provision want and expect to happen?  


(to be continued)


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