Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Al Gore--scientist?

The seven day weather forecast given for the Peoria area of Central Illinois on the weekend of July 15th was for seven days of temperatures in the mid to high 90’s with no rain.  On Wednesday in Morton, we had 1 inch of rain.  On Thursday in Morton, we had 1/4th inch of rain.  On Friday in Morton, we had 4 inches of rain.  On Saturday, the official high temperature for Peoria was 83 degrees.

We are not able with 100% of accuracy to prediction the weather seven days in advance.  One of my clients in Tucson is a meteorologist—educated at the University of Arizona.  He is a TV weatherman for one of the local Tucson stations.  His station wants him to predict the weather conditions five days in advance.  He told me that he doesn’t like to go more than three days because of the increased inaccuracy of any such forecast.

Yet, Al Gore and his cohorts claim to be able to predict the weather conditions for the world not just seven days in advance, but ten to fifty years in advance.  Sometime, someone should ask these people what the weather conditions will be for the next two weeks.  But then, newspaper reporters and others who parrot these predictions would have to be actually thinking.  Who can accurately predict the future fifty years from today?  I mean besides Al Gore!    

I was channel surfing recently when Al Gore was on some program talking of global warming.  He claimed that the only people who do not accept his version of global warming are similar to those who do not believe that man has walked on the moon.  Cute.  But, wrong.

However, that is not unusual for him or his supporters.  Any one who disagrees with him or his conclusions must be wrong.  Why?  Because they disagree with his conclusions!

If we can not predict with complete accuracy the weather seven days from today, how can they actually expect us to believe they can accurately predict what is going to happen ten years from now, fifty years from now?  

However, if Al Gore really believes his dire forecast of future weather conditions, why isn’t he doing more to convince the public to stop this disastrous slide into oblivion?  His solution?  Make a movie.  Make some money.  Somehow this should be sufficient to rally all true believers to accept his version of future events.

If he really believes what he claims to believe, why isn’t he demanding immediate and drastic sacrifice?  And that is the key concept—sacrifice!  

As was pointed out in a recent column, why isn’t he demanding the immediate end of all motor powered racing events?  Pollutants are being spewed into the air with no other benefit than entertainment for the public.  Why are all of his proposed solutions more government regulations?  Why isn’t he actively campaigning for the Presidency so that he can be in a power position to actually do something about it?  

Is he really convinced of what he wants others to believe?  I don’t know if his version of global warming is true.  Unfortunately, neither does he nor do his cohorts.          



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