Friday, July 28, 2006

Evolution vs. evolution

The Peoria Journal Star published the following short article.  I am quoting it in its entirety except for the picture and the statement under the picture. (July 14, 2006, page A9)

“’Darwin finches are evolving’


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Finches on the Galapagos Islands that inspired Charles Darwin to develop the concept of evolution are now helping confirm it—by evolving.

A medium sized species of Darwin’s finch has evolved a smaller beak to take advantage of different seeds just two decades after the arrival of a larger rival for its original food source.

The altered beak size shows that species competing for food can undergo evolutionary change, said Peter Grant of Princeton University, lead author of the report appearing in today’s issue of the journal Science.

Grant has been studying Darwin’s finches for decades and previously recorded changes responding to a drought that altered what foods were available.”

What!!!  This is a non-story!  I don’t know of anyone although there are possibly a few, Christian or non-Christian, who does not agree that a species can alter to a limited extent over time in that specific species.

For example, man probably has grown taller on average over time.  Man probably has grown fatter on average over time.  Is growing fatter over time an evolutionary change to provide for the survival of the species?  Is growing fatter a sign of the survival of the fittest?  

However, there are some claims that I don’t believe Christians would accept as true.  I believe we would argue against man every having a tail, for instance.  I don’t think we would accept an argument that man at one time universally walked on all fours instead of upright.  However, I think almost everyone would accept some evolution, i.e. some modified change, within a species.  Yet, the fact is: the finch is still a finch!!!

Science writer Randolph Schmid should realize this as well.  What Christians do not accept as true is species evolution.  They do not accept it because it has never been shown to be true and it is contrary to the WORD of GOD.  There is no factual, scientific evidence to support the theory that species A evolved into species B which evolved into species C which evolved into species D which through continuing species evolution eventually over millions and/or billions of years evolved into man.  

That theory has never been demonstrated scientifically to be true!  That theory in fact can not be demonstrated to be true without first proving how nothing became something.  Then, how that something which did not have life; suddenly and miraculously became alive?

Two other questions that evolutionists ignore.  They ignore them because they can’t possibly answer the questions scientifically.  When the first whatever evolved into man, how did the man reproduce?  Did the first woman also miraculously evolve at just that exact time?  Did evolution occur at numerous points where there were a flock of men and they didn’t have to reproduce for awhile?  If so, why did that process stop and reproduction become necessary?  

This is a problem not just in relation to man.  What of all the other species that require a male and female for reproduction?  What a miracle.  The male and female must have evolved at just the same time!!!  Miraculous!!!  But then, Darwin’s theory needs a lot of miracles!!!!!  

Also, why did evolution stop at man?  Our science fiction writers think up superior species all the time.  We even make movies about them.  Yet, none of them exist.  We are all just men and women?  Why?  What stopped the evolutionary process?  

You know the evolutionist rationale don’t you?  “Well, we need a couple of more millions of years for that to happen.”  Of course, they won’t be around to know if it happens or not—at least not in their present physical bodies.  Just like the global warming alarmists, they seem to think they can predict the future.  

And they claim to be scientific!!!  Not a chance.  It is all speculative garbage when they claim man evolved through the centuries from a beginning single celled thing.  Garbage!!!  And they teach that garbage in schools as truth!!!



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