Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Parental Notification Act

The following is from Illinois Family Institute.  The website for the organization is http://www.illinoisfamily.org/ and I copied this information on July 30, 2006.  At the present time, Congress is on their normal August recess.  Consequently, contacting Illinois offices may be more beneficial.  

“IFI E-Alert: Sen. Durbin Undermines Parental Rights

7/30/2006 7:24:00AM
By Elise Bouc

Our own Illinois Senator and Assistant Minority Leader Senator Dick Durbin is using a procedural move to block important parental notification legislation that was passed by overwhelming margins in both the houses of Congress.  What’s at stake is your right as a parent to know about your young daughter’s decision to have an abortion.” (Murder an unborn child.—my addition)

ACTION: Contact Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, (R—Tennessee), and Senator Dick Durbin to ask them to please move this legislation forward.  Concerned citizens must contact Senate leaders to encourage them to bring this bill to a cloture vote, and send it to President George W. Bush, who is expected to sign it into law. (Phone calls are the most effective means to communicate with elected officials.)

Senator Dick Durbin
332 Dirksen Senate Building
Washington, DC 20510
202-224-2152 – Washington, D.C.
312-353-4952 – Chicago
217-492-4062 – Springfield
618-998-8812 – Marion”

Senator Barack Obama
713 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
202-224-2854 – Washington, D.C.
312-886-3506 – Chicago
217-492-5089 – Springfield
618-997-2402 – Marion”

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist
509 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
202-224-3344 – Washington, D.C. (my addition for Washington D.C.)
202-228-1264 (fax)” [Washington, D.C.—my addition]
Last week the U.S. Senate passed the Child Custody Protection Act (CCPA) by a 65-34 vote.  This act makes it a criminal offense to transport minors across state lines to circumvent parental notification laws for the purposes of an abortion. (Both Senator Durbin and Senator Obama voted against the Senate version of this proposed law.  The editorial writers of the Peoria Journal Star also oppose this proposed law.  Tells you right there; this is a needed law!—my addition)

In essence, the CCPA mandates that only a parent (or guardian—my addition) can transport their child across state lines for purposes of abortion.  This act is important because in some states, parental notification is not required for abortions involving minors.  Thus, those who wish to bypass parental rights are transporting minors across state lines to more permissive states so that they can have abortions without their parents’ knowledge. (Done often by members of Planned Murderhood and their supporters.  Probably why Senators Durbin and Obama oppose the law since they seem to be puppets of Planned Murderhood as well as the usual libertine cohorts.—my addition)  The CCPA will help stop this violation of parental rights.  A stronger version of this act was also passed in the U.S. House.  Now the act must go to conference in order to reconcile the two versions.

Unfortunately, Illinois Senator Richard Durbin filed an objection Wednesday night to appointing members to the conference.  As a result, this act can not move forward until his objection is removed or overruled.  Since Senator Durbin is from our state, it is vital that we contact him via e-mail and phone to demand that he allow the CCPA to move into conference. (I would recommend by regular mail rather than e-mail.  I think regular mail carries more weight with Senators and Representatives.—my addition)  He is in essence blocking the democratic process.”

“Senator Durbin’s contact information is listed above.  A sample letter, that you can modify as you wish, is posted below.  Please take a moment to contact him and other Senate leaders (The “s” was left out of the original copy.—my addition) to encourage them to allow this important act to go to conference.  Calls and e-mails to Senator Obama would also help as he voted against this act and may be supporting Senator Durbin in his objection. (Contact information for any Senator may be found at http://www.senate.gov/.  Contact information for any member of the House of Representatives may be found at http://www.house.gov/.  My addition.)

Thank you for all you do.

Sample Letter

Dear Senator,

As a concerned constituent and voter, I urge you to allow the Child Custody Protection Act (S. 403 [The Senate identification number.—my addition]) to move to conference.  This legislation would make it a crime for minor girls to be transported across state lines to circumvent parental notification laws.  Minors cannot obtain medicine at school, participate in sporting events or go on field trips without the permission of their parents, yet they can be taken across state lines to terminate a pregnancy without their parents’ knowledge or permission.  This is an absolute violation of parental rights.  Furthermore, both the Senate and the House have already exercised the democratic process and voted by clear majorities in support of this act.  To stand in the way of this act is to stand in the way of democracy.  Please support parental rights and allow this legislation to move to conference.


Your Name”



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