Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Something to think about?


Do you recognize the preceding figures? How about these?

>$25,200,000 per year for 10 years
>$18,900,000 per year for 10 years
>$20,000,000 per year for 08 years
>$12,863,636 per year for 11 years
>$17,000,000 per year for 08 years
>$15,000,000 per year for 05 years
>>$4,333,333 per year for 03 years
>>$2,625,000 per year for 02 years
>>$1,750,000 per year for 01 year
>>$1,500,000 per year for 01 year

Do you recognize the figures yet? How about this?

Alex Rodriguez
Derek Jeter
Manny Ramirez
Todd Helton
Alfonso Soriano
Aramis Ramirez
Mark DeRosa
Henry Blanco
Kerry Wood
Wade Miller

The above figures and names were all included in a story published in the Peoria Journal Star on November 20, 2006, page D1. If you haven’t yet recognized the names then you don’t follow baseball. They are all major league baseball players. The last six have all signed or resigned with the Chicago Cubs. The Chicago Cubs according to the story lost more games in the National League last season (2006) than any other national league team.

The figures? The first set of figures is the total amount of money each of the ten listed players is going to be paid for playing baseball. The second set of figures is the amount of money to be paid for each year of the contract.

Who pays those salaries? Indirectly, everyone who watches and attends baseball games. I wonder. If someone would add up the yearly salary of all major league baseball players, how many nations’ (if any) gross domestic product (GDP) would be lower than the total yearly salary of all major league baseball players? Just wondering? Wouldn’t it be interesting though if someone would actually check that out?

If my math is correct (and I think it is), just the 10 yearly salaries listed equals $119,261,969. (That’s over 119 million dollars for 10 players averaging $11.9 million per player) If I remember correctly, the cost for the roster for just the New York Yankees in 2006 was about $250 million and the team lost in the first round of the playoffs.

Wow, we have money for some things!


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