Friday, March 04, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker supported

I had planned to comment on Congressional term limits today. However, I received two e-mails that I have decided to post today and tomorrow. I plan to post on Congressional term limits Monday. The first today is

From: Republican Governors Association (RGA)

“National labor unions have funneled more than $1 million into television ads attacking Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for daring to balance the state’s multi-billion dollar deficit without raising taxes.

Now, the RGA is taking the fight to Big Labor.

The RGA just launched a TV spot

in support of Governor Walker’s courageous efforts, calling on the 14 missing Senate Democrats to return to Wisconsin and do their jobs.

Labor unions have become the most powerful force in America lobbying for more government spending and higher taxes. Now is the time for Americans to show their support for Governor Walker.

Contribute $14—just $1 for each missing Senate Democrat—to the RGA and show Big Labor that the taxpayers stand with Scott Walker!

Every dollar will make a difference. Please donate whatever you can afford to show that you Stand With Scott!

If you’d like to see the commercial without going to the donation website:

Another similar video:

During the ten years I was an Illinois high school teacher, I always belonged to the local education association. As a member of the local association, I also was required to belong to the State and national associations. Today, if I was still teaching, I would not belong to the local education association because I could not be involved with the immoral positions of the national associations. (If required to belong to the local association—a closed shop, I would not be teaching.) I can not support Barack Hussein Obama, the MURDER of unborn babies, and the homosexual agenda—all of which are supported by both the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.

The National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers

1) have betrayed teachers,

2) have betrayed students,

3) have betrayed parents,

4) have betrayed local school districts,

5) have betrayed States,

6) have betrayed the nation, and

7) have betrayed GOD!

Take Back the Nation!!!