Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Morton School District 709 Referendum fails

I wrote two posts—March 31, 2011 and April 4th—in opposition to the school referendum to build additions to three of the four elementary schools. As I said on my March 31st post, I was opposed to the referendum for three reasons:

1) support of neighborhood schools: The referendum covered three elementary schools but not the fourth and oldest elementary school in the district. Parents in the area feared the intention of the school board was to close the school at a later date and the school board did little to alleviate those concerns.

2) the smell factor: The proposal and actions of the board heightened those concerns particularly when the proposal supposedly resulted from a long range plan which was then seemingly placed in storage.

3) economic factors: The State had just increased the State income tax by 67% and voters had no direct say in the matter. Previously, the Morton Village Board had increased the Village’s portion of the sales tax by approximately 14% and the voters had no direct say in the matter. The school board was proposing an increase in property tax to pay for the building and the voters DID have a direct say in the matter.

The voters voiced their disapproval overwhelmingly. The proposal was defeated 65% no to 35% yes. This in a district that tends to overwhelmingly support school referendums. I was surprised by the margin of victory. In fact, I would not have been surprised if the referendum had passed.

Both sides seemed well organized. The result demonstrates, I believe, that the voter’s voice can be heard. Not just at the local level but also at the State and federal level. To impact the direction of this nation, we MUST remain active. We MUST remain involved. We MUST continue to work diligently to right this nation.

We will not win all the battles. We MUST not grow tired. We MUST not grow complacent. We MUST not give up.

We MUST continue to operate according to GOD’S principles. We MUST succeed in returning this nation to GOD’S WILL!