Friday, May 06, 2011

Petition in Opposition to raising Federal Taxes

WARNING: I received this yesterday and was going to do it as a post. I decided to include it in today’s post instead.



Just verified this with Snopes and it is REAL. ALSO WENT TO TRUTH OR FICTION, IT’S on their site also.


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This wasn’t my intended post for today. However, it does have to do with the federal budget and I think it is important to tell Congress and the President two critical items in relation to the federal budget. DO NOT RAISE TAXES—TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY, at least for those of us who actually pay federal income taxes!!! And, CUT SPENDING DRASTICALLY!!!

From: Heritage Action for America

“President Obama’s vision for America: higher taxes, economic malaise.

Sign the Anti-Obama-Tax Petition

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Surprise! President Obama wants to raise your taxes. That is his solution to America’s dangerously high debt.

Tell President Obama: Don’t Raise My Taxes.

For years, President Obama ignored calls to end Washington’s reckless spending binge. Two months ago, President Obama released a budget that continued the status quo and enormous deficits. Now, he realized his reckless spending must be paid for; and he wants YOU to do it.

Sign our petition: tell President Obama enough is enough.

America has a spending problem, not a tax problem. Tell President Obama that punishing the taxpayers will not create jobs or solve our debt crisis.

Join us by signing the petition,”


“Tell President Obama: Don’t Raise My Taxes

Sign our petition: tell the President to not raise taxes:

The Petition:

Mr. President: America has a spending problem, not a tax problem.

It is time to put politics aside. You promised a new tone in Washington; instead, you have embraced the status quo by empowering government, growing debt and increasing spending.

Raising taxes will not create jobs or solve our debt crisis; it will only exacerbate America’s current malaise.

Do not raise my taxes!

‘You don’t raise taxes in a recession.’ President Barack Obama should remember his own words; because even though recession has officially ended, many Americans are still struggling.

Unemployment remains high. Consumer confidence remains low. Gas prices are soaring. Housing is still slumping.

Raising taxes on hardworking Americans, small businesses and family farms will not spur economic growth or solve our debt crisis.

Americans believe in exceptionalism, not a slow, managed decline.

Sign it Now

Join 21,642 Americans and say no to higher taxes.”

Thank you for signing Heritage Action’s don’t raise taxes petition.

Heritage Action is a unique partnership of conservatives: activists from across America and a team in DC. We’re determined to cut spending, and this petition is part of that effort.

Next steps: get the latest on tax policy

and join our activists online.

Confirmation Code: 2H347S1

1) Post about your participation on Facebook
2) Tweet about your participation on Twitter

Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America”


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