Friday, July 15, 2011

Petitions to NOT Increase the Debt Ceiling

Watch this video!

I received both of these e-mails yesterday. They are, of course, time sensitive and directly related to what I have been posting. The e-mails:

From: The Campaign to Defeat Obama & iPetitions

“Recently, you signed an online petition upholding important conservative principles. We appreciate your support for this cause, and thought you might be interested now in another petition:

Do NOT Raise the Debt Ceiling

Please click on the link and sign now to send a message to Washington. Every voice counts!

Please forward this message to your friends.


The iPetitions Team”

“The Petition

The politicians are at it again. They’ve put this country more than $14.4 TRILLION in debt, and now they are saying they want to raise the debt ceiling so that they can spend even more. It’s disgraceful and unacceptable!

What’s worse, the Obama Administration now says they want to INCREASE TAXES along with the increase in the debt ceiling. They want more money for the government to spend, and they want to take it from your pocket!

Please sign below and tell the politicians ‘NO INCREASE IN THE DEBT CEILING!’

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Watch this video! It’s long, over 53 minutes


“No more of the same from Washington

Oppose any debt limit deal that doesn’t address the enormity of the fiscal challenges we face.

Stop business as usual:

Any proposal that increases the debt ceiling must include historic reforms that will save the American dream for our children and grandchildren.

It must: cut current spending, restrict future spending, and fix the budget process. Cut, Cap and Balance is the only plan on the table that meets this test. (Note: I am opposed to the Constitutional Amendment to Cut, Cap, and Balance. I plan to post tomorrow why I oppose this Amendment. Even if meant well, it would be a huge mistake! They MUST, however, CUT spending now!!!—my addition)

Business as usual must end.

Sign Now

I oppose any debt limit deal that doesn’t address the enormity of our fiscal crisis. Congress must cut current spending, restrict future spending, and fix the budget process.

Our Letter to Congress

In order to achieve reforms of this magnitude, Congress must do everything possible to eliminate the uncertainty surrounding Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s August 2 deadline. Congress cannot negotiate with a clear mind if the administration is constantly invoking the specter of default. As Heritage Foundation economist J.D. Foster, Ph.D. points out:

Both immediately and long after it reaches the debt limit, the government would have far more than enough revenue coming in that the Secretary of the Treasury could use to pay interest on the debt. Nor would preserving the current debt limit put at risk the full faith and credit of the United States government, as the President’s chief economic adviser has claimed. The government would continue to pay net interest as it comes due.

In the event that liberals will not allow us to raise the debt ceiling because they cannot stomach substantive, systemic changes to put the country back on sound footing, conservatives must develop a responsible plan. Congress must exercise their constitutional power of the purse, building upon the framework of the Toomey-McClintock legislation, and prioritize federal spending.”

“Thank you for signing Heritage Action’s petition—calling on Washington to stop business as usual and seriously address our debt crisis.

Take the next step: send a detailed message to your Members of Congress.

When you urge them to support substantive proposals, you pave the way for our DC-based government relations team to push the message in the halls of Congress.

Take action, and together we will bring about conservative solutions to our debt crisis.

Confirmation Code:

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And the Obama Administration now faced with a debt ceiling that is designed to STOP excess government spending wants to raise the debt ceiling which means RAISE spending—NOT CUT SPENDING—and RAISE taxes so that the Administration can WASTE MORE of OUR MONEY!!! What was that definition of INSANITY? Certainly, it is economic INSANITY to raise the debt ceiling so that government can borrow MORE money so that they can SPEND more money so that they can WASTE MORE money!!!

That’s not all though. The federal government has still not approved a budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year. The new fiscal year begins October 1st. That’s less than THREE months away!!! Three months away and no budget so we have NO IDEA how much the next budget will contribute to the growing deficit. The House of Representatives passed a budget that cut back on spending. The Democratic controlled Senate rejected it. The Democratic controlled Senate then also rejected the President’s budget which would have increased spending. Even though the President now claims that he is for cutting “some” spending. The Democratic Senate is NOT close to passing a budget for the coming year. Isn’t a budget for the coming year more important than raising the debt ceiling. It is IF the President and HIS party are serious about cutting spending. The problem is, the President has NO DESIRE to CUT SPENDING!!! NONE!!!!! HE IS A LIAR!!! AND HE THINKS WE ARE IDIOTS!!! AND SO DOES THE MASS MEDIA THAT PARROTS HIS LIES!!!

WARNING to the Republican leadership: The debt ceiling DOES NOT NEED to be RAISED. OUT-OF-CONTROL government SPENDING needs to be STOPPED NOW!!! Fall for the Obama Administration LIES and the Republican Party, as you know it, is DOOMED!!!

It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!
It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!
It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!