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The Continuing Attack on Christians, part 1

This was not my planned post for today. However, it goes along with my posts from Saturday and Monday. The date of the original e-mail was July 28, 2010. I don’t know anything about this case except what is in the e-mail! I came across it as I was cleaning out my e-mail storage. I’m down to 54% of storage capacity! (From a high of 94%!) I plan to comment on this passage tomorrow, the LORD willing!

From: 9/12 Project

“Federal Judge: Schools Can Expel Christians For Their Beliefs?

Posted by Jared Law on July 28, 2010

This is an issue of religious freedom, and a disgusting violation of the Constitution! It is absolutely inappropriate to discriminate against a student based upon her religious beliefs here in America. The tyranny of the radical homosexual sodomy movement is gaining traction, and our religious freedoms are under assault.

To be clear, I have nothing but love and compassion for all mankind, including men AND women, those who struggle with the challenge of bridling normal passions, and those who struggle with same-sex attraction. As a Christian, I believe that God will be our judge, and it is not our place to judge. I believe in loving the sinner, and also hating the sin.

On the other side, however, it seems pretty clear that progressives think it’s okay to discriminate against Americans who happen to believe the Bible to be the word of God. I agree with Glenn Beck:

So long as your God isn’t telling you to strap on some explosives and go detonate yourself in a crowded area, you have the freedom to worship how, where, or what you may. That FREEDOM OF RELIGION is enshrined in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

“Court Upholds Expulsion of Counseling Student Who Opposes Homosexua...


By Todd Starnes
Published July 28, 2010

A federal judge has ruled in favor of a public university that removed a Christian student from its graduate program in school counseling over her belief that homosexuality is morally wrong. Monday’s ruling, according to Julea Ward’s attorneys, could result in Christian students across the country being expelled from public university for similar views.

‘It’s a very dangerous precedent,’ Jeremy Tedesco, legal counsel for the conservative Alliance Defense Fund, told FOX News Radio. “The ruling doesn’t say that explicitly, but that’s what is going to happen.’

U.S. District Judge George Caram Steeh dismissed Ward’s lawsuit against Eastern Michigan University. She was removed from the school’s counseling program last year because she refused to counsel homosexual clients.

The university contended she violated school policy and the American Counseling Association code of ethics.

‘Christian students shouldn’t be expelled for holding to and abiding by their beliefs,’ said ADF senior counsel David French. ‘To reach its decision, the court had to do something that’s never been done in federal court: uphold an extremely broad and vague university speech code.’

Eastern Michigan University hailed the decision.

‘We are pleased that the court has upheld our position in this matter,’ EMU spokesman Walter Kraft said in a written statement. ‘Julea Ward was not discriminated against because of her religion. To the contrary, Eastern Michigan is deeply committed to the education of our students and welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds into our community.’

In his 48-page opinion, Judge Steeh said the university had a rational basis for adopting the ACA Code of Ethics.

‘Furthermore, the university had a rational basis for requiring students to counsel clients without imposing their personal values,’ he wrote in a portion of his ruling posted by The Detroit News. ‘In the case of Ms. Ward, the university determined that she would never change her behavior and would consistently refuse to counsel clients on matters with which she was personally opposed due to her religious beliefs—including homosexual relationships.’ (Does this judge not realize what is being said in this statement! No religious person, who knows that homosexual behavior is a sin and knows that to NOT behave in a matter consistent with that knowledge is also a sin, can ever be a counselor. And therefore, in the judge’s opinion, NO Christian can ever be a counselor without sinning!!!—my addition)

Ward’s attorneys claim the university told her she would only be allowed to remain in the program if she went through a ‘remediation’ program (“Brainwashing” program!!!—my addition) so that she could ‘see the error of her ways’ and change her belief system about homosexuality.

The case is similar to a lawsuit the ADF filed against Augusta State University in Georgia. Counseling student Jennifer Keeton was allegedly told to stop sharing her Christian beliefs in order to graduate.

Keeton’s lawsuit alleged that she was told to undergo a reeducation program and attend ‘diversity sensitivity training.’ (SIN sensitivity training!—my addition)

University officials declined to comment on specifics of the lawsuit but released a statement to FOX News that said Augusta State does not discriminate on the basis of students’ moral, religious, political or personal beliefs.

Tedesco said both cases should be a warning to Christians attending public colleges and universities.

‘Public universities are imposing the ideological stances of private groups on their students,’ he said. ‘If you don’t comply, you will be kicked out. It’s scary stuff and it’s not a difficult thing to see what’s coming down the pike.’

The Alliance Defense Fund told FOX News it will appeal the ruling.

For more information, please also consider reading The Born Gay Hoax


Ryan Sorba’s excellent, free e-book (it isn’t totally finished, but there’s a TON of great information for those wishing to shore up their knowledge of the facts surrounding same sex attraction and the history of the politicization of religious beliefs with respect to sexuality).”

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” (Last sentence of the Declaration of Independence)

It is time, it’s past time to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION!!!

It is time, it’s past time to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!!!

It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!
It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!
It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!