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Vernon Robinson—Supported by Michael Reagan

From: Vernon Robinson for Congress

“From the Desk of Michael Reagan
October 11, 2011

Fellow Conservative

It is with pleasure that I announce today my support for conservative Republican Vernon Robinson’s campaign for the United States House of Representatives in North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District.

Vernon is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and a former Missile Combat Crew Commander. He earned an M.B.A. in Quantitative Methods and went on to become an instructor at a major state university in North Carolina. He also served eight years as a City Councilman in North Carolina’s fourth largest city, during which time his voting record on everything from taxes and the Second Amendment to illegal immigration and right-to-life issues proved he was a true conservative, unafraid to stand on traditional American values, and willing to defend them eloquently before a hostile media and an electorate spoon-fed a steady diet of political correctness.

It is no coincidence that the ‘Raleigh News and Observer’ said Vernon Robinson is ‘the spiritual heir of Senator Jesse Helms,’ or that the ‘Winston-Salem Journal’ said of Vernon, ‘Jesse Helms is back. This time, he’s black!’ (Yes, Vernon Robinson is a black conservative, a man whose father was a Tuskegee Airman before him, a remarkable man in his own right.)

It is also no coincidence that Vernon’s candidacy has received the endorsement of Mr. Charles Helms, the son of the late, great Senator Jesse Helms, who meant as much to my father as anyone he met in politics.

I encourage you to go to Vernon’s campaign website

for a fuller account of his personal history and his commendable political resume, because I cannot do it justice here.

I do want to take just another minute to recount a little history for you. When my father proudly endorsed Jesse Helms for the U.S. Senate in 1972, it took a great deal of courage.

Jesse had never held federal office of any kind, and the liberal media were demonizing him, just as they will demonize any conservative (like Vernon Robinson) who stands up and sticks his neck out for the cause.

But Jesse held fast to his principles, my father stood firm by Jesse, and against all odds the voters sent Jesse to Washington for the first of what would become a remarkable five-term senate career.

Likewise, when Senator Helms endorsed my father for President four years later in 1976, it took courage. Gerald Ford was both the establishment candidate and a personal friend of the senator, not to mention the sitting President of the United States. The pressure to conform was enormous. And yet Jesse—alone among the country’s 100 senators—ignored the establishment’s plea for him to ‘get behind President Ford.’ He chose instead to endorse the man he knew the world needed—and became the face and the voice my father used in ads as far away as Wisconsin.

The surprise primary victory Jesse Helms helped my father win in North Carolina in 1976 was the first of eleven in that election cycle. Though we did not manage to secure the nomination that year, the die was firmly cast. The Republican Party was changed. And when the 1980 GOP convention in Detroit nominated Ronald Reagan for President, the course of history was changed forever.

That’s not all that was changed. A much younger, much thinner Vernon Robinson was at that convention in Detroit in 1980. When he left that Detroit convention hall, Vernon changed his registration from Democrat to Republican, and has since dedicated his public life to supporting the ideals he heard expressed therein—the traditional, American conservative values that brought Ronald Reagan and Jesse Helms together.

And so it is that thirty years later our three families converge again in support of the candidacy of yet another courageous conservative in need of the support of his fellow conservatives. I hope you will answer that call.

Vernon has paid his dues. His personal story is very different, but in terms of his courage and his ideology, he is cut from the same cloth as Ronald Reagan and Jesse Helms, and he is what the 8th district of North Carolina needs in these trying times.

Although North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District is currently represented by liberal Democrat Larry Kissell, it has been redrawn in obedience to the 2010 Census to be ten points more Republican. Of all the congressional districts in the country, many, many experts have identified NC 8 as THE most likely to change hands in the next congressional elections.

A very conservative district is likely to attract many fine Republican candidates, and I have no truck with any of them. I say only this: a district this conservative deserves a great conservative representing it, and because of the likelihood that the next Republican elected to that seat will be there for a long, long time, we really need to get this one right.

We need Vernon Robinson in that seat. He has walked the walk and will continue to do so in the U.S. House of Representatives. I encourage you to do what you can to help put him there.

I thank you for your time, and may God bless you.

Michael Reagan”

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