Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Victory for Now for Justice for the Unborn!



A Pro-Life organization that I strongly support is LIFE DECISIONS INTERNATIONAL!

Its website is at: www.fightpp.org

I have decided to split the postings on


into two blogs. 5 will continue dealing with the immoral, sinful agenda of homosexual activists. Meanwhile,


will deal with the MURDER of the unborn. This site is resurrected.

http://christiangunslinger3.blogspot.com will continue with political discussions based upon Christian values.

Sign up for the virtual Tea Party rally and march at the Republican National Convention if you can’t make it in person!


Sign the “Life at Conception” Petition! Force Democrats to vote to show their position on the continuing MURDER of unborn children!


Watch this video: http://www.traditionalvalues.us/chick_video.aspx?pid=20726

From: Family Research Council www.frc.org

“Remember, don’t cook tomorrow! Join us in celebrating Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day by visiting a store near you!”


“Also, check out Jeanne Monahan’s latest op-ed on the battle over pro-life laws in ‘Abortion Proponents Advocate (Again) for Dangerously Low Clinic Regs’ from the Richmond-Times Dispatch.”


From: Alliance Defending Freedom

“Victory Over ObamaCare Featured on Fox News

A Colorado family-owned business has won the first step in a Goliath-sized legal battle against ObamaCare’s abortion pill mandate.

By God’s grace, this Alliance Defending Freedom victory stopped the Obama Administration from forcing the Newland family to start providing its employees with insurance coverage that includes abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception against their sincerely held religious beliefs.

Watch this Fox News story featuring Hercules Industries’ courageous President & CEO Bill Newland and Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Matt Bowman.”


One of many battles over this illegal, Unconstitutional attack on religious freedom by the Obama Administration. This question will no doubt end up in the Supreme Court unless a new Congress and/or a new President rescinds the Unconstitutional order!!!