Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Another Viewpoint on the Obamacare Mandate!



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From: http://townhall.com/columnists/paulrondeau/2012/08/07/chickfila_firestorm_a_preview_of_hhs_mandate_dangers/page/full/

“Chick-fil-A Firestorm: A Preview of HHS Mandate Dangers

Paul Rondeau

The mayors of Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. are publically threatening Chick-fil-A, telling them they are not welcome to expand in ‘their’ cities because CEO Dan Cathy does not support same-sex marriage. Edwin Lee, mayor of San Francisco, even tweeted a threat: ‘Closest Chick-Fil-A to San Francisco is 40 miles away & I strongly recommend that they not try to come any closer.’

It does not seem to matter that the First Amendment is crystal clear: ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech.’

Unfortunately, these political thugs are only echoing the same tactics our own President is using to impose the funding of abortion on all Americans in his HHS Mandate. Obama’s Department of Justice is arguing in the courts that private owners of a family business must not be allowed ‘to impose’ their personal religious beliefs on their own company.

Obama’s DOJ lawyers further assert that all businesses are inherently secular so neither the business nor the owners have religious freedom in operating their businesses. Tax penalties for failing to comply with Obamacare run as high as $100 per day per employee, crippling or even destroying any business that resists.

Keep in mind that the HHS mandate does not just require that virtually everyone help pay for free contraception, sterilization, and morning after pills. Hidden in Sec 1303 of Obamacare is also the requirement that millions of policies must take at least $1 per month directly out of employee paychecks to pay into a free elective abortions fund.

Alliance Defending Freedom estimates this will total nearly $1 billion per year—maybe a lot more. At an average cost of $450 for a surgical abortion, that is enough to add another two million pre-born child deaths to the national toll.

CEO Dan Cathay wholly and unapologetically built Chick-fil-A on Christian principals. Even the mission statement plainly says that the company is to ‘glorify God.’ This is not just jingoism. Unlike any other national chain, Chick-fil-A forgoes millions in profits by refusing to open its doors on Sundays so that employees may take advantage of the Christian ‘day of rest’ for family and hopefully attend Church.

Both same-sex marriage and abortion are irrefutably matters of conscious and religion. So what is the difference between economic intimidation by Obamacare and economic threats by these mayors’ against Chick-fil-A? None—both put political power above constitutional rights.

So, the critical question is this: When elected officials start to believe they are justified in forcing their ideology upon the rest of us—Constitution be XXXXXX (Expletive deleted—my addition)—what are we going to do about it?”

As I wrote last week:

Here is the solution! Refuse to provide the immoral, illegal, Unconstitutional provisions enacted NOT by law but by executive fiat! Refuse to pay the fines! When the case goes to court, demand a jury trial! This will delay any resolution until after the November election and quite probably not until next year. In 2013, repeal Obamacare and all will be well in this particular situation!

Easy to say! Is it easy to do? Of course not! Who said being a Christian means taking the easy path? I haven’t filed any income tax returns since Obamacare passed in early 2010. That means I haven’t filed since the 2008 tax year. 2009 NOT filed! 2010 Not filed! 2011 Not filed! I’m still here—for the present! I would have filed the past due returns if the Supreme Court had ruled Obamacare Unconstitutional as it is. The Court didn’t and I won’t!

For religious freedom, ending government theft and government bondage; vote the Democrats out of Congress and out of the White House!