Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Ex-Republican Charles Crist Speaking at Democrat National Convention



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Since the Democrat National Convention began today, I thought this was an appropriate post to help support a PRO-LIFE candidate that has been abandoned by the Establishment Republicans. They have such a good track record of supporting Pro-Life candidates? NOT, even though they, themselves, just included a positive PRO-LIFE platform at their own convention. When will they walk the walk that they talk?

From: Todd Akin—Republican Senatorial candidate for Missouri


This week, the Democratic Party will adopt a platform supporting taxpayer funded abortions in the third trimester.

Attendees of the DNC will hear from Charlie Crist, the former Republican Senate candidate backed by corrupt party bosses over Marco Rubio.

The very same Party Bosses that have turned their backs on Todd Akin, and are content to let Claire McCaskill win another term.

Newt Gingrich made some great points about this yesterday on Meet the Press ... you can watch here:


Will you stand with Todd today? We are trying to raise $5000 today to show the Party Bosses that it's the people's opinion that matters, not theirs!

Join todd today! Can you chip in $5 to help us meet our goal?




From: Todd Akin—Republican Senatorial candidate for Missouri


Tomorrow night, Charlie Crist will address his fellow Democrats at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

You remember Charlie Crist, right? A few years ago, he was anointed by corrupt party bosses to be the Republican Senate nominee for Florida. Party bosses preferred Crist over true conservative Republican Marco Rubio.

There was only one problem with the party bosses’ plans—the voters! The people whose opinions matter, those casting their ballots on election day, saw through Crist’s political opportunism and chose Marco Rubio.

The Party Bosses have turned their backs on this campaign. As was the case in Florida, they have chosen political expediency over convictions.

And now, look at the result—the very person they chose as a U.S. Senate nominee in Florida is speaking to the Democratic National Convention and has endorsed Barack Obama.

If you’re tired of Party Bosses who refuse to stand on principle, we need your help today.


Charlie Crist speaks tomorrow night at 10 pm. We are trying to raise another $5,000 by that time, to show Crist and the Party Bosses what true conservatives think about them trying to shove unprincipled opportunists like Crist into the limelight.

Please, donate today! We need for you to chip in before Crist speaks tomorrow night!




Do you think the establishment Republicans will wake up and support the Republican candidate supported by the Republican voters of Missouri instead of helping, by default, a PRO-MURDER Democratic incumbent. How often do they have to be reminded that PRO-LIFE is part of the Party platform and IS a WINNING issue!!!

By the way, this poll is from a left-leaning polling group!

From: http://www.politics1.com/

“Aug 31 Politics1com: MISSOURI—US SENATE (PPP): US Senator Claire McCaskill (D) 45%, Congressman Todd Akin (R) 44%.”

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