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Pro-Life, Pro-Abortion, and Journalistic Integrity

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“MSNBC Shows Six Abortion Advocates and Zero Pro-Lifers on Roe v. Wade Anniversary
by Paul Bremmer | Washington, DC | | 1/23/14

The annual March for Life took place yesterday in our nation’s capital, and MSNBC marked the occasion by inviting a slew of pro-choice guests onto its daytime programming to slime the pro-life movement without giving any pro-lifers a chance to respond. Between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Wednesday, MSNBC featured six pro-choice guests and zero pro-life guests.

During the 11 a.m. hour of MSNBC Live, host Brian Shactman brought on Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, to offer her predictable insight on the march and abortion rights in general. Shactman began by attempting to marginalize the march—attended by tens of thousands of mostly young people (If it was unworthy, why are they taking up air time to talk about it? To talk about how unworthy it is?—my addition)—asking, “I mean, what’s the impact of the March for Life? Does it have one? (Why yes! At least one! You are talking about it!—my addition)’ [Video below (Go to the website to see the video!—my addition). MP3 audio here.]

Hogue spouted her usual pro-abortion drivel, and when she was done, Shactman followed her up with a panel of three more pro-choice women: MSNBC contributor Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, The Huffington Post’s Sabrina Saddiqui, and of course, Irin Carmon, MSNBC’s resident abortion-rights crusader. [Carmon was awarded a Champion of Choice Award by the New York Abortion Access Fund last year (What a privilege! NOT! Makes her a huge supporter of the MURDER of the unborn! If she does not repent, she will pay a huge price!—my addition).]

You can imagine what this discussion was like. The guests presented poll data showing that most Americans want the government out of abortion decisions (Wrong! It is how the questions are asked! Does that mean they want the original Supreme Court decision tossed out?—my addition), yet they noted that more and more states have passed restrictive abortion laws in recent years. Shactman essentially threw up his hands over this paradox: ‘Now if, as we’ve talked about, more people want the government to stay out of this issue… why is this happening?’

Shactman also wondered about Republicans’ fate in the same bemused way that liberal journalists often do: ‘[H]ow is the Republican party going to appeal to more contemporary women with this kind of stance? I mean, how are they going to win those votes?’ In addition: ‘I mean, it’s almost getting impossible for a Republican to be in the center, right (It is always touching when Leftists care about Republicans! Always!—my addition)?’

Soto actually warned that the GOP might try to ‘distract’ voters by paying attention to issues of general concern to all kinds of voters, both men and women:

[T]heyre going to be trying to distract the general electorate from the issue of women, and I think two of those issues are immigration …. [a]lso recent talk about school vouchers (Not me! The MURDER of unborn babies and the consequent War on Womenby the Left will be my number one issue! I have already had it approved by the Party Chairman!—my addition).

If there had been a pro-lifer on the panel, surely he or she would have countered that it is women like Soto who are constantly trying to distract the public from more important issues by focusing on the phony ‘War on Women.’

Shactman wrapped up the panel by offering his opinion on Republicans’ failure to move to the left:

‘I’ve said this before on air when they had the budget deal with Paul Ryan and [John] Boehner slapping back at the Tea Party, it looked like there was an opening there for some moderation, but then it seems like it hasn’t gotten a whole lot of momentum.

On the 12 p.m. hour of MSNBC Live, host Richard Lui brought on Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, for some more unopposed pro-choice talk. Lui set her up with some sympathetic softballs:

‘Texas, North Carolina, those are a couple of examples here where you’ve seen some more restrictive laws being enacted … [W]hy more restrictive, and how do you turn that around (Why indeed? Oh, that is right! They are MURDERING unborn babies!—my addition)?’

And this:

‘You know, the Supreme Court last week, they declined to hear an appeal and overturned Arizona law that basically said it would ban most abortions after 20 weeks. A small victory perhaps, or a big victory? Do you think this is a turn in the tide here for those who support abortion rights (Support MURDER rights!” There is no rightto MURDER! Do they have a clue as to how they sound?—my addition) ?’

Later in the day, Alex Wagner invited Rolling Stone’s Janet Reitman onto her show to discuss what Reitman had called the ‘stealth war on abortion.’ Of course, Wagner was sympathetic, and she let it be known right from the beginning of the interview (Stealth? Have we not been open about it? We want to end the MURDER of children!—my addition):

‘This is one of the most important pieces I have read about women’s health and reproductive freedoms and what is actually happening behind the scenes to restrict choice (What are the two choices?—my addition).’

During the course of the discussion, Wagner attacked the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), ‘which has been a huge driver in voter suppression laws and a host of other conservative principles (Voter suppression! We do not want voter suppression! The Left does! We want every legitimate vote to count; every illegitimate vote NOT to count!—my addition).’ Way to work another favorite liberal bogeyman into the discussion, Alex. And way to suggest that voter suppression is a ‘conservative principle.’

Wagner ended the interview by asking, hopefully, if the pro-choice movement might soon ramp up its crusade:

‘[D]o you sense that there are the beginnings of organizations and sort of networking around this that can be a progressive pro-choice answer to what’s happening in the religious, conservative, anti-choice world?’

Reitman demonstrated that she, too, viewed the ‘religious, conservative, anti-choice world’ as the enemy (Of course! Anyone opposed to the MURDER of the unborn is the enemy!—my addition): ‘I just think that progressives are having to wake up to this very quickly and get themselves mobilized, and I hope they do.’

And that was it. Six pro-choice guests on the day of the March for Life, and not a single pro-lifer to defend the march or the pro-life movement in general (Nothing new with the mass media! They are pro-MURDER and pro-Obama since they created Obama!—my addition).

[Full transcripts of all of these segments are available here.]

LifeNews Note: Paul Bremmer writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.

We will have been MURDERING unborn babies for 41 years! A total abomination for any nation! A total atrocity for any nation! A total evil for any nation!

No one has the rightto MURDER another person! NO ONE!

Christians were bold in the First Century church! Are Christians as bold today?

Christians were resolute in the First Century church! Are Christians as resolute today?

Christians stood for the truth in the First Century church! Are Christians standing for the truth today?

If not Christians, who? If not now, when?

This is my two part suggestion to Tea Party groups, social conservatives, Constitutionalists, and anyone else who wants to save our Republic from the approaching destruction.

1) Run as many conservative candidates in as many Republican primaries as possible.

2) Then, run as many independent and/or third party candidates as possible in as many races as possible where we did not win the primary.

That is why I am working to get the Constitution Party on the ballot in Texas. If we get on the ballot, we will have two Congressional House candidates running and two State candidates running. Getting on the ballot is the first step. Winning elections is the second. Winning elections will grow the Party. The Constitution Party is much more in line with the Tea Party movement than is the Republican Party. And I have been involved with all three!

The Constitution Party of Texas website:                                                     

If elected to Congress, I will not, under any circumstances, vote for present Speaker of the House John Boehner to be Speaker of the House. I call on every Republican primary candidate running in Texas Congressional District 19 to publicly (in writing) make the same pledge. It would not be a bad idea for every Republican candidate running for the House of Representatives to give the same pledge. See my post at on December 16, 2013 entitled “Speaker of the House John Boehner Attacks the Tea Party Again for Being Fiscally Responsible!”

If I am elected to the House, I will use the Constitution, as written, to do everything in my power to stop judicial tyranny! Will the other candidates pledge the same? I know our present Representative has NOT done everything possible to stop judicial tyranny! Why is that?

Competition is good for the economy and competition is good for the Republican Party!!! Competition keeps Congressmen committed to we the people!!! Primary Republicans who do not support the Constitution as written.

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