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“Despite Death Threats, Phill Kline Continues to Speak Out Against Abortion
by Kristi Burton Brown | Washington, DC | | 6/21/14

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews)—To anyone with an open mind, it couldn’t be clearer that Phil Kline—once the Attorney General of Kansas—was targeted and oppressed specifically because of his stand against Planned Parenthood.

Kline attempted to expose Planned Parenthood’s illegal activities in regards to child and statutory rape, and he was shut down. Some say Kathleen Sebelius shredded damning documents that could have helped to convict Planned Parenthood (She, of course, was the Secretary of Health and Human Services and implemented Obamacare. Obamacare which provides money to MURDER unborn babies even if the people insured do not desire such!—my addition). We know that she appointed judges who would strip Kline of his law license so that he couldn’t practice law in Kansas anymore.

Kline was on track to take down Planned Parenthood in Kansas, with the evidence he’d found. And so Planned Parenthood’s cronies took him down instead (Only temporarily!—my addition). Dennis M. Howard of Renew America writes about Kline’s journey thus far:

Kline has been sued numerous times by Planned Parenthood and its allies, suffered death threats and harassment and been subjected to a multi-million dollar smear campaign, yet he persists (Good for him! We all need to be thus involved and determined!—my addition).

Kline is now assistant professor of law at Liberty University and director of Amistad Journey, a project of the Life Issues Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. In that job, he continue to pursue pro-life justice (Good for him!—my addition).

Because Phil Kline seeks true justice for the oppressed, he keeps on keeping on. He will not be silent, not when he is speaking for those who have no voice to speak for themselves. Recently, Kline spoke to the Legal Center for Defense of Life, saying that ‘if America continues embracing abortion, it will destroy the rule of law (It will also destroy America as we know it. GOD will not tolerate such MURDERS indefinitely!—my addition).’ He told the audience that we ‘claim a promise and live a lie.’

Americans claim the promises our fathers and mothers established this nation on. The promises of freedom, of justice, and of the right to life. We still hold these truths to be ‘self-evident,’ and yet we reject them when it comes to our most helpless members (Yes, the Supreme Court did and the Left! We need to return the United States to these principles in fact as well as in theory!—my addition).

Kline said:

The law flies out the window when abortion comes in the door. Without truth, there is no law, and that truth must resonate in the hearts of the people.

He also explained that those who work to save lives ‘must expect to suffer for their beliefs (Sure! For a time! It is well worthy it to restore the dignity for life that the courts have rejected and we have allowed the court to get away with it!—my addition).’

If you put your convictions on the line in America, you can expect to be persecuted (Unless your are on the Left! Then you get praised! Wendy Davis as an example!—my addition). The word ‘suffering’ in the ancient Hebrew means to lift up to a higher purpose. If you reflect on life and on history—you will see that all that has eternal value has required suffering. We must rely on the promises of God. We often can’t see how God is using us in our pro-life ministry. Yet we have faith in the author of truth (We should and I do!—my addition).

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And while it is unlikely that all of us will receive death threats or be subject to multi-million dollar lawsuits, it is likely that each of us will suffer in some way for this cause we have found to be greater than ourselves.

But we must indeed remember that we are not in this for ourselves. We are not here because we need help. We are here to help the helpless (We are! I hope we all are!—my addition). We are here because we must be here.

And just like Phil Kline, we can never leave (Until we have ended alllegalabortion/MURDERS!—my addition). Let us see our cause through to the end, for it is a just cause that will one day achieve its final victory (I believe it will and I pray soon!—my addition).

LifeNews Note: Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life attorney, volunteering for Life Legal Defense Foundation and as an allied attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom. She is also a stay-at-home mom and an assistant editor for Live Action News. This column originally appeared at Live Action News and is reprinted with permission.

Remember this: Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the decisions of the Supreme Court or any other federal court, for that matters, are the supreme law of the land! Nowhere!

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama!

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama!

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama!

Because gun control works for government, the government killed:

Hillary Clinton of “What difference does it make?” fame asked to sign her new book. Surrounded by her personal body guards.

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