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Texas, State Senator Wendy Davis, A Texas Pro-Life Law, and the Results One Year Later

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Last year, Texas pro-MURDER State Senator Wendy Davis became a heroto the pro-MURDER crowd when her filibuster on the Senate floor temporarily stopped a pro-life bill from being passed. One probable result of that action was the defeat of the current Lt. Governor, who presides over the Senate, in his reelection primary to a much more conservative Republican candidate. Many conservatives were understandably upset because he could have and should have stopped the filibuster procedurally by Senate rules and did not. Now, Wendy Davis, darling of the pro-MURDER crowd, is running for governor for the great State of Texas. However, the question to be addressed in this post is: What has been some results brought about because of the passage of the pro-life law last year?


“The ‘Gosnell of Texas’ Gets Shut Down
June 17, 2014

Last summer Students for Life rallied in Austin, Texas (Austin is the State Capitalmy addition) in support of a bill that would force abortion clinics to provide the same standard of care and meet the same requirements of surgical centers as well to make sure that all abortionists have hospital admitting privileges. It also thankfully banned late-term abortions (All reasonable medical requirements! The government sanctioned MURDER of unborn babies should have never been forced upon States by an outlaw federal court system! That decision was and is unconstitutional!my addition) .

While abortion advocates were in an uproar over this bill that would provide higher standards for women’s health, pro-lifers were fighting to make this bill law and succeeded! Governor Rick Perry signed the bill into law and several abortion clinics shut down almost immediately because they couldn’t meet the basic health standards (Which means they never should have been operating! Many States have higher standards for restaurants than for MURDER clinics!my addition).

Dr. Douglas Karpen, a Texas abortionist, has been referred to as the Kermit Gosnell of Texas because of similar horrific practices of aborting very late-term babies, killing babies after botched abortions, and causing significant harm to women.

Karpen has been shut down and cannot legally perform abortions because he doesn’t have admitting privileges to any hospitals within a 30 mile radius of any of his clinics, according to the Texas Medical Board. (Good! A victory for life over MURDER!my addition)

Employees of Dr. Karpen came forward to reveal to the public the heinous practices of Karpen, including delivering live babies and then killing them. Unfortunately, in December a Texas grand jury said it didn’t have enough evidence to convict him. However, he still faces another lawsuit from a ‘woman who suffered a life-threatening injury to her uterus following an abortion he performed (If true, may he lose the case and have to pay just compensation to the victim! Of course, if she has not or does not repent from her decision to MURDER her own baby, she will one day have to answer to GOD just as Dr. Karpen will and all the rest of us will!my addition).’

Since the law was passed, 19 clinics in Texas have closed down because they couldn’t meet the health standards and many more are expected to follow (Very good!my addition)!”

The tide is turning! We, as a nation, are regaining our senses and returning to the pro-life nation that every country should be! GOD is pro-life without exception!

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