Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Abortion: Is a Major University in a Major City Supporting and Promoting Abortion for its Students?

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From: http://www.lifenews.com/2014/07/08/university-publishes-how-to-guide-for-students-on-getting-abortions/

“University Publishes How-To Guide for Students on Getting Abortions
by Matt Lamb | Chicago, IL | LifeNews.com | 7/8/14

The University of Chicago has published what amounts to a how-to guide on getting an abortion, (An educational institution educating their student in the artof MURDER! How liberal of them!my addition) complete with referrals to local abortion providers, links to financial assistance programs and statements that it’s one of the ‘safest’ procedures in America today (NOT true! It is never safe for the unborn baby! NEVER!my addition).

The guide also tacitly warns readers not to trust crisis pregnancy centers, citing an 8-year-old study commissioned by a top Democratic lawmaker (An authority?my addition) that claims the vast majority of centers provide false or misleading information that could ‘lead to suicide and ‘post-abortion stress disorder.’’

Its launch has come under fire by some Illinois pro-life groups. A campus official told The College Fix that while the guide is hosted by the university, it’s not meant for students (Really!my addition). Titled ‘Accessing Abortion in Illinois (Accessing MURDER in Illinois!my addition),’ the guide launched on June 6 as a project of the Section of Family Planning and Contraceptive Research, the Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive Health (Ci3), and the Urban Initiative of the National Institute for Reproductive Health (They never explain how MURDERING an unborn child is reproductive health! Each MURDER ends reproductive health!my addition).

While the university says it’s a guide for health and social service providers, the information is just as informative for students, providing links to multiple abortion providers in Illinois (MURDERERS!my addition).

Area pro-life groups are upset with the university’s decision to collaborate on such a project.

The abortion guide is full of ‘inaccurate information, hypocrisies, inadequately researched studies, and attempts to dissuade women from seeking all healthcare options available (Of course, written by MURDERERS for MURDERERS!my addition),’ Emily Zender, executive director of Illinois Right to Life, said on the group’s website.

Zender criticized the abortion guide for condemning crisis pregnancy centers, which she says provide a valuable service in providing clothing, counseling and pregnancy tests to women in need. There are at least five crisis pregnancy centers in Chicago, and more in the surrounding suburbs.

The guide says crisis pregnancy centers can cause “confusion’ just by existing (By not being abortion/MURDER mills!my addition), and that going to such a place ‘can lead to delays in care for an individual who wants to consider abortion (MURDER! Why would anyone consider MURDERING her own Child?my addition).’ It cites a 2006 study commissioned by Representative Henry Waxman, Democrat of California (A Democrat baby MURDERER! Can anyone actually believe anything he commissioned?my addition)at the time ranking member on the House Oversight Committeethat said such centers provide ‘false and misleading health information’ about abortion (Abortion/MURDER is not health!my addition).

A spokesperson for the university told The College Fix that the guide is not intended for patients, but rather for health and social service providers. Pregnant students, he said, would go to the university’s health center (Right! Sure they will? Like all the illegal aliens invading our nation will go back to their home countries!my addition).

The spokesperson also said that despite the guide being hosted on the university’s website and using its logo, it’s actually a Ci3 project (Then why the logo use? Isnt that illegal? Fraudulent? Deceptive?my addition).

Lee Hasselbacher, policy coordinator for the Section of Family Planning and Contraceptive Research, told The College Fix the guide’s discussion of crisis pregnancy centers ‘is focused on assisting health and social service providers in offering referrals to abortion providers once a woman has already opted to seek abortion.’

The guide includes resources that providers could find useful in ‘providing unbiased, non-directive all-options counseling (What? Then, why the negatives about crisis pregnancy centers?my addition),’ but that list ‘was meant as a starting point (More likely, an ending point!my addition),” Hasselbacher said.

Asked what other resources the university makes available to pregnant students, such as adoption services, the university forwarded links to how a student could acquire birth control or emergency contraception (MURDER pills!my addition).

Jack Nuelle, an executive board member for University of Chicago Students for Life, told The College Fix he does not believe a page presenting life-affirming options for students exists (Of course not! Not an option to baby MURDERERS!my addition).

Nuelle said the university should clearly outline the options available to pregnant students so they are aware of options other than abortion (Should but will not?my addition).

A search of the university’s website for pregnancy resources produces scant results. There are no links to various crisis pregnancy centers in the area, such as the Southside Pregnancy Center in Oak Lawn or Aid for Women, which has locations across Chicago.

The top result is a ‘fact sheet’ produced by the university’s family planning department, which criticizes pregnancy resource centers as being deceptive, misleading and providing inaccurate information (Is that a surprise?my addition).

The University of Chicago is also the only known university in the U.S. to perform abortions on campus (Follow the money!my addition).

In February 2013, Campus Reform reported that the university’s Ryan Center was performing abortions on campus. It’s not known how many abortions the Center performs each year.

LifeNews Note: Matt Lamb is a student at Loyola University-Chicago. His column originally appeared at College Fix.

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