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Lies from the Pro-Abortion Lobby about the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision

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“The Crazy Pro-Abortion Reaction to the Hobby Lobby Decision in 10 Seconds
by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 7/2/14

LifeNews has written and will continue to write about the pro-life victory in the Supreme Court’s decision on Hobby Lobby and the pro-abortion side’s reaction to it. But here’s a cartoon that encapsulates the pro-abortion response in 10 seconds (see picture above
my addition).

For a longer response, try this from Newsbusters about the Three Biggest Lies Liberals Spread about the Hobby Lobby Ruling:

Lie #1: Men are taking away womens rights … again!

The easiest spin on the case was to frame the discussion away from religious rights, and make it a case of women’s rights. Feminists, liberal reporters, and even the White House got on the bandwagon for this one. The hashtag #NotMyBossesBusiness trended with the misleading message that employers were preventing their female employees from accessing birth control (Which is and was total nonsense! Try any drug store! Companies do not have to provide any coverage they do not want to provide! One does not have a right to insurance from an employer let alone anything and everything in that coverage. And contrary to the unconstitutional court decision, the federal government can not force companies or anyone else to have health insurance!my addition). Upon news of the ruling, MSNBC contributor Jimmy Williams tweeted, ‘Five men just told women all across America that their employers decide anything they want about their bodies.’ A slight exaggeration (An outright LIE!my addition)?

Cosmo’s senior political writer Jill Filipovic weighed in:

As Gabriel Malor of The Federalist wrote, ‘In the Bizarro World of the newspapers, not paying for someone else’s contraception is the same thing as prohibiting them from purchasing and using them themselves (The mind of a Leftist! Everyone needs to be taken care of because no one is competent except other Leftists, of course!my addition).’

Liberals seemed to miss the sticking point of this case: female employees of privately-owned businesses are not being forced to give up birth control; rather, the ruling gives business owners the right to not provide certain types of contraceptives in their insurance plan that they deem morally objectionable. Furthermore, businesses like Hobby Lobby already give their employees access to 16 different types of contraception in their employees health care plan. Which brings us to the next lie being spread by liberals on Twitter and elsewhere (Businesses do not have to provide any healthcare benefits!my addition).

Lie #2: Conservatives are prudes who want to take away access to all contraception, which is a healthcare issue for many women.
Another argument making it’s rounds was that conservatives and religious organizations are trying to stop women from having sex (How would that even happen?my addition), but that’s not the only reason women use contraception. While it is true that women use birth control for a variety of hormonal conditions, in this case Hobby Lobby already covered several different types of hormonal contraception, they were only objecting to 4 types of abortifacient pills, required under the HHS mandate. Hobby Lobby refused to pay for ‘morning after’ abortion pills, not standard birth control (And they actual could have! These people dont care if it is not used. They are generally also baby MURDERERS. They know that people develop a false sense of safety when using contraceptives and they are never 100% effective and sometimes they are not used correctly!my addition).

Extreme feminist Amanda Marcotte who has compared getting an abortion to getting a cavity, retweeted classy lefty Twitter troll, ‘Religion is now only about unapproved (Expletive depletedmy addition).’

MSNBC’s Ed Shultz retweeted DC Debbie, who proudly called herself, ‘the top twitter influencer by Yahoo News with over 25,000 followers,’ who condescendingly tweeted, ‘People who think birth control is only for sex has never heard of polycystic ovarian caner. PS: YOU’RE NOT A DOCTOR so shut up.’

DC Debbie also tweeted, ‘What’s the difference between the Taliban and Hobby Lobby? One believes their religion should rule over anyone else’s, the other is the Taliban.’ Hmm, who’s the unreasonable one now (Thats easy! Anyone on the Left!my addition)?

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Lie #3: Now any employer can claim religious objections to healthcare provisions in their plans
First of all, Alito wrote that vaccinations and blood transfusions were exempt from this ruling, and neither does the ruling ‘provide a shield for employers who might cloak illegal discrimination as a religious practice.’ While liberals tried to make this a religious-rights-slippery-slope, the court carefully restricted this ruling to just employer-provided contraception.

Still, the Left’s hate for religious corporations was out in spades. All over Twitter, the case was mocked for it’s ‘religious bigotry (Leftists are humanists for the most part. If they dont repent, they will pay a terrible price!my addition).’”

Nothing unusual about these reactions considering that they claim that MURDERING unborn babies is healthcare! Irrational people saying irrational things!

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama!

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama!

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama!

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