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Pro- Abortion Discrimination: Are Blacks and Hispanics Targeted by Abortion Organizations?

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“CDC: In Top 10 Abortion States, 60% of Babies Killed Were Black and Hispanic
By Michael W. Chapman
December 4, 2014

( the top ten states that report their abortion statistics to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the numbers show that 60.48% of the babies killed in those states were black and Hispanic (Remember that Hispanic is not a race. It is a federal government made-up category that is used to measure the number of people originating from a designated geographical areamostly the American continent from Mexico southward and the Caribbean Islands. Based upon lands colonized by Spain. It is also a self selected categorymy addition), a total of 201,744 abortions out of 333,560.

However, the data also show that in those areas blacks comprised an average 17.18% of the population and Hispanics, 11.56%. In other words, 60% of the abortions there came from a combined 28.74% of the population: black and Hispanic women (Over twice as many abortion/MURDERS as one would expect based upon the percent of the population! I wonder why the Left does not talk about this discrimination. Oh, that is right! The Left supports and promotes the MURDER of unborn babies. For them, this is a positive statistic!my addition).

The CDC numbers come from the agency’s latest Abortion Surveillance report, published on November 28, and covers the year 2011, the latest for which the abortion data are available (Three years agomy addition).

In Table 12 of that report it shows ‘Reported abortions, by known race/ethnicity of women who obtained an abortion and reporting area of occurrenceselected reported areas.’ The abortion numbers are from 25 states (only half of the States!my addition), the District of Columbia, and specifically New York City.

The report does not include numbers from 25 other ‘reporting areas,’ such as California, Florida, Massachusetts and other states because those areas either are not required to report to the CDC, or they ‘did not report by race/ethnicity, or did not meet reporting standards,’ said the agency.

From the numbers available, they show that the top ten states (Based upon 25 States!my addition) in terms of total number of abortionswhite, black, Hispanic, and otherin 2011 were as follows:

01) New York, 103,339 abortions

02) Texas, 71,658 (If California was included, Im rather sure they would be number 2, if not number 1. I do not think Illinois is in the 25 States either for surely, if it was, it would be in the top 10my addition)

03) Georgia, 27,942

04) New Jersey, 25,857

05) Virginia, 24,004

06) Ohio, 23,608

07) Michigan, 21,513

08) Tennessee, 15,623

09) Minnesota, 10,562

10) Alabama, 9,454

Total: 333,560

As for the black and Hispanic abortions in those top ten states, the numbers show this:

01) New York: 42,629 blacks, 28,282 Hispanic – Total: 70,91168.7% of abortions in that state

02) Texas: 17,890 black, 27,216 Hispanic – Total: 45,10663% of abortions in that state

03) Georgia: 14,550 black, 5,178 Hispanic – Total: 19,72870.6% of abortions in that state

04) New Jersey: 8,753 black, 5,619 Hispanic – Total: 14,37255.6% of abortions in that state

05) Virginia: 10,527 black, 2,606 Hispanic – Total: 13,13354.8% of abortions in that state

06) Ohio: 9,047 black, 963 Hispanic – Total: 10,01042.4% of abortions in that state

07) Michigan: 10,297 black, 800 Hispanic – Total: 11,09751.6% of abortions in that state

08) Tennessee: 7,792 black, 609 Hispanic – Total: 8,40153.8% of abortions in that state

09) Minnesota: 2,434 black, 674 Hispanic – Total: 3,10829.4% of abortions in that state

10) Alabama: 5,549 black, 329 Hispanic – Total: 5,87862.2% of abortions in that state

Total: 201,744

Those 201,744 black and Hispanic abortions, out of 333,560 in the top ten reporting states, equals 60.48% of the total.

[It would be interesting to know the percent of Black/Hispanic population in each State too to see if the % of abortions to the % of the populations holds true for individual States. For example, if the percentage of Blacks/Hispanics in Minnesota was under 10%, that State would have almost a 3 to 1 ratio!]

Nationally, meaning the 27 areas that did report to the CDC, there were 405,994 abortions total reported. Among those, 146,856 were black and 79,408 were Hispanic, which equals 56% of the total.

Nationally, blacks make up 13.2% of the population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and Hispanics comprise 17.1% of the population. Combined, that’s 30.3% of the population.”

Is there any doubt that pro-abortion/MURDER organizations such as Planned MURDERHOOD target Blacks and Hispanics for abortions/MURDERS?


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