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Pro-Life vs. Abortion: Why Aren’t We Doing Everything We Can to End the Murder of Our Children/GOD’S Children?

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“Is it NYC cops or abortion industry who are killing off black Americans?
Michael F. Haverluck (
December 07, 2014

Despite all of the public outcry about Ferguson teen Michael Brown and New York City’s Eric Garner, alleging that racially motivated police are killing off innocent black Americans, a much more telling account, courtesy of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), points to the abortion industry as being the main perpetrator of fatalities in black communities (Of course it is! For every community! Black, White, Asian! The most dangerous place in America is in a mothers womb!my addition).

According to CDC statistics, blacks in New York City account for nearly half of all the abortions registered in this metropolitan area, even though they only account for a quarter of its population. When added with another minority group, Hispanics, the two combined for nearly 78 percent of abortions in the Big Apple in 2011, despite the fact that blacks and Hispanics only make up 54 percent of New York City’s population.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other civil rights activists from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) have not spent much time voicing protests about the hundreds of thousands of preborn African American children whose lives have succumbed yearly to abortion clinics’ agendas to de-populate numerous urban centers of their black populations in the name of ‘family planning’ or ‘women’s reproductive rights (They have not spent anytime because they support the MURDER of unborn Black children! Jesse Jackson at one time did not! However, he has seen the money light?my addition).’

Drawing from the CDC’s Abortion Surveillance report, of the 76,251 abortions reported in the nation’s most populous city of nearly 8.5 million people, 35,188 of them were black preborn children (46.1 percent of all NYC abortions). This percentage is much higher than the percentage of black Americans in New York’s biggest city, which is only 25.5 percent of all NYC residents. Aborted Hispanic babies accounted for 23,959 of the total, or 34.4 percent, even though Latinos constitute just 28.6 percent of New York City’s overall population.

Even though they make up the greatest percentage of New York City’s population at 44 percent, according to the United States Census Bureau, whites only accounted for 12.5 percent of all abortions in the city at 9,550 aborted babies. This represents a significantly lower abortion rate. Correspondingly, a much lower concentration of abortion clinics are found in white neighborhoods than in black and Hispanic communities around the Big Apple (Just a coincidence I am sure! NOT!my addition).

The remaining 7,554 abortions, or 9.9 percent, were performed on other ethnic groups’ preborn children, including Asians, Arabs and Native Americans.

Putting it in perspective
Many might consider the number of abortions for New York City to be relatively high, but for decades, the Big Apple has been a leader in U.S. city abortion rates—nearly doubling the national average. Furthermore, the statistics presented by the CDC, which usually lag behind a year, are usually conservative in nature and underestimate the actual numbers. Typically, numbers presented by the Guttmacher Institute—a pro-abortion organization that has had previous ties with the world’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood—indicate that actual abortion figures are higher than CDC reports (Not everyone reports to the CDC!—my addition).

Astoundingly, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYCDHMH) reports that there were more black preborn babies killed through abortion in the city in 2012 (31,328) than there were babies born alive (24,759). During that year, it was announced that black abortions in New York City represented 42.4 percent of all abortions citywide (31,328 of 73,815). Broken down further, NYCDHMH figures show that aborted babies in New York City in 2012 outnumbered live births by 6,570.

However, on a more promising note, New York City registered a record low 37 percent abortion rate in 2012, which is the lowest figure since abortion was legalized in New York back in 1970 (Before the Roe decision in January of 1973!—my addition). When analyzing the Big Apple by its districts, statistics show that the highest abortion ratio is found in predominantly black Bronx (47 percent). The lowest ratio has consistently been recorded in the mostly white Staten Island (29 percent), while Brooklyn recorded the biggest abortion ratio decline, down from 37 percent to 34 percent.

Even though abortion numbers are declining citywide, pro-life advocates say that there is still a lot of work to do in the Big Apple (There is until abortion/MURDER is no longer government sanctioned!—my addition).

‘We have been raising awareness about New York City’s high rate of abortion for the past four years, and we are certainly encouraged by the progress made during that time,’ announced Chiaroscuro Foundation President Greg Pfundstein. ‘We will continue to work with community leaders, churches, and organization who share our concern about this problem and to help women facing unplanned pregnancies find the support they need in their communities.’

The bigger picture
With nearly 57 million babies aborted in the United States since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, America is one of the world leaders when it comes to abortions. Including the number of abortions performed illegally since 1967, there have been nearly 58 million abortions in America, which outnumbers the population of this nation’s 87 most populated cities by over 100,000. Even above New York City, Washington, D.C., registers the highest abortion rate in the U.S., recording 265 abortions for every 100 live births (WOW! Two and one half times! Washington D.C. the seat of the federal government is the MURDER capital of the United States! The Rome of the United States! What is it about the capitals of nations?—my addition).

According to the pro-family organization The Movement for a Better America, the U.S., which registers an average of 1 million abortions per year, is only behind Russia (6 million per year) and China (11 million per year). It points out that approximately 50 million babies are aborted each year around the world and that more than 1.6 billion babies have been aborted globally since World War II (Tragic! Barbaric! What is with the world? They do not have GOD!—my addition).

Just as many Americans continue to pay more attention to the proportionally lower number of alleged civil injustices today, as witnessed with Michael Brown incident, little notice is given to the nearly 20 million black babies killed in the U.S. since 1967 (450,000 per year), when compared to the 4,946 blacks killed by lynching over a hundred-year period between 1864 and 1968—or nearly 48 per year (How disproportionally obscene! And this is a choice?—my addition). This computes to a nearly 4,000 to 1 ratio when comparing black aborted babies to blacks who were lynched.

Pro-life advocate Dennis M. Howard, of The Movement for a Better America, calls Americans to treat abortion with the seriousness it deserves (It is a barbaric tragedy! No one has the right to MURDER another person! No one!—my addition).

‘Is abortion some kind of free lunch?’ Howard muses. ‘Or does it have a hidden cost that we are simply afraid to examine (That is easy! Nothing that is evil is free!—my addition)?’

He incites Americans to stop looking past abortion as just another right of passage for young adults and expose abortion for what it truly is—the mass killing of the innocent (The mass MURDERING of the innocent! After we conquered Germany, what happen to those people involved in the murderous holocaust? We rounded them up, put them on trial, convicted them for crimes against humanity, and executed them. What do you think GOD will do to those who support and promote and participate in the mass MURDER of HIS children if they do not repent? Why arent we doing everything we can to end the MURDER of our children/GODS children!—my addition!).

‘We regularly explore the hidden cost of many things—absenteeism, drug addiction, drunken driving, even the common cold,’ Howard concludes. ‘Isn’t it time to challenge the high cost of abortion to us as a nation?’”

We are tumbling head over heals in SIN!

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Jonathan Gruber before Congress he either lied to Congress or he lied to his fellow academics? Which do you think he lied to? I know my answer! So does Chairman Issa!

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