Monday, December 12, 2005

When I started this blog in August of 2005, I said I would publish comments sent to me.  This is the first one received.  It actually is two separate letters sent to the Peoria Journal Star.  The first one was not published.  As I understand it, the second one was.  I am posting both of them.  If anyone else would like to have a comment posted, you may send it to:

Christian Gunslinger
P.O. Box 481
Morton, Illinois 61550

I always reserve the right to make comments and to edit if needed.  The following two letters have not been edited.


We now have Senator Durbin as the “poster boy” for the Terrorist media worldwide.

Therefore, he is an embarrassment to The State of Illinois, The United States of America, and The Free World.

Because of the errors in some of the statements he made, the speech writer must have flunked history, graduated from a public school or both.

His speech is a direct dishonor to the U.S. Military and the Veterans that have kept this country safe and made it the greatest country in the world.  

His statements do nothing to keep this a free country.  I realize that politics is most important to the Democrat leadership, however, if we lose this war, will the Democrats lose too?

God Bless America.

Frank Sarver

If John Bolton is as mean and half the man that your colleagues have said he is, then John Bolton is exactly the person the United States of America needs as Ambassador in the United Nations.

Unfortunately, many people do not know that the United Nations is the number one corrupt political organization located in this country.  It functions similar to a third-world despot with equal efficiency and financial responsibility.  Not only are these people getting rich at the expense of the world, they are attempting to take freedom away from those who have freedom.  Think about it—that’s the United States of America for one.

The United Nations is continually attempting to expand their charter to take over the world.  That must be stopped.  Abuses of all description take place in the world and they are focused inwardly, searching for ways to get more authority in our lives.

Hopefully, John Bolton will make some change in the focus and activity of the United Nations.  Much is needed.

The statement by some that the President was deceptive in this appointment is borderline slander.  The President was exercising the constitutional authority and duty of a President to protect the national interest.

Frank Sarver

I had also written two posts on John Bolton and two on Senator Durbin.  The John Bolton posts were on August 2nd and August 3rd.
The posts on Senator Durbin were on October 7th and October 12th.  Thank you Frank for giving me the two letters to post.


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