Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Praise the LORD!  Justice Samuel Alito is now a member of the United States Supreme Court.  Pray that while on the Court he will continue to follow the United States Constitution to reach his decisions.

The libertine Democrats attempted unsuccessfully Monday to launch a filibuster to delay or end the process. (Peoria Journal Star, 1/31/06, page A2.)  The attempt was ended by a vote of 72-25.  True to their libertine political positions both of Illinois Senators—Durkin and Obama—voted to continue the filibuster.  

Former Presidential candidate John Kerry is quoted as saying, “’It is the only way we can stop a confirmation that we feel certain will cause irreversible damage to our country.’”  This statement is from an individual who promised in the last presidential election to only appoint members to the Supreme Court who supported the murder of unborn babies.  That unfortunately is a guiding principle of the libertine Democrats.  The continued murder of unborn babies is of predominant importance.  How can anyone trust or support anyone who holds such an outrageous concept of life and what is important to the welfare of the nation?  (Oh yes, the Associate Press writer reverted back to the mass media’s normal practice and identified retired Justice O’Connor as a “moderate.”  If one supports the murder of unborn babies, that person can not be a moderate.  It is a contradiction between the term and the action supported.)

Sunday, before the Tuesday vote, Illinois Senator Obama was on a morning TV show as reported in the Peoria Journal Star (1/30/06, page A3.)  (I did not watch it and never do because it is on during the time I have already left for worship service.)  On that show, Senator Obama said he would support the attempt to filibuster the nomination but thought it would not be successful.

He is quoted as saying “’I will be supporting the filibuster because I think Judge Alito, in fact, is somebody who is contrary to core American values, not just liberal values….  When you look at his decisions—in particular, during times of war—we need a court that is independent and is going to provide some check on the executive branch.’”  (Does it matter if the action of the President is according to Constitutional principles?  Does it matter if Justice Alito in his decisions is following the Constitution?  It seems it does not according to Senator Obama’s stated guidelines.)  He is further quoted as declaring “’We need to recognize, because Judge Alito will be confirmed, that, if we’re going to oppose a nominee that we’ve got to persuade the American people that, in fact, their values are at stake….  And frankly, I’m not sure that we’ve successfully done that.’”

What!!!  Is he serious?  Everyone who pays any attention what so ever to the political scene knows exactly what “values” are at stake.  He, of course, is referring to the murder of the unborn although they try to avoid that specific reference now.  And we know it and they should know that we know it.  John Kerry said it—I’ll appoint only murders to the Supreme Court.  Either Senator Obama thinks we are idiots or he thinks a core “value” of the American people is to murder unborn babies.  If that is a core value of the American people then we are indeed in deep trouble and will, one way or another, answer to GOD for such unrepentant sin.

However, I believe the American people knew full well that a key component of the last Presidential election was the continuation of the murder of the unborn by judicial fiat or a return to judicial restraint and the importance of human life over personal convenience.  Senator Obama is no liberal.  Senator Obama is a libertine just as Senator Durkin, Kennedy, and Kerry are.  You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Finally, what decisions did Justice Alito have during times of war while on the appellate court?  I don’t believe he has had any major decisions in relation to the present “war on terror.”  If he did, they were minor in scope.  He was not on the bench during the Vietnam Conflict and he certainly was not involved in the court decisions after World War II in relation to Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt’s placing of Japanese Americans into concentration camps.  

The fact is that the major court decisions in relation to the actions of Presidents during war have occurred in relation to the Civil War and World War II.  Does Senator Obama have a crystal ball?  How does he know how Justice Alito will decide cases that he has not been involved in?  Of course, this comment is another smoke screen to cover up the only real issue that the libertines are concerned with in this matter—the murder of the unborn.  They are fanatical in their obsession to continue murder on a legal basis.  Obsessed and unrepentant!!!              


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