Tuesday, February 07, 2006

On January 18, 2006 Peoria Journal Star writer Phil Luciano wrote an article opposing a proposed Illinois bill that would finance “comprehensive sex education” in the classroom.  That night I wrote a post agreeing with him.  He began his article with this quote.  “The riddle and the solution don’t match.

Question: How do you encourage kids to abstain from sex?  Answer: Teach them how to have sex—and spend millions of dollars to do so.”

On January 28, the Peoria Journal Star printed a letter to the editor on page A4 written by the President/CEO of Planned Murderhood (Parenthood) Heart of Illinois.  Of course, she wholehearted supported the teaching of “comprehensive sex education” in Illinois schools.  

The following quotes are from that letter.  “Phil is just plain wrong.  Ignorance is not acceptable.  Nor is death, disease or an unintended pregnancy that could be prevented by ensuring that young people have comprehensive and accurate sexuality education.”  “While parents want to talk with their children about sex and relationships, most need someone else, like a neutral teacher, to take on or supplement this role.”

Remember that these statements are from the President of Planned Murderhood.  That in and of itself makes any thing that she writes very questionable.  First, Phil Luciano in his article did not advocate ignorance.  He made the common sense observation that if you are going to emphasis not having intercourse before marriage you then don’t teach how to go about having intercourse before marriage.  He also observed what we all also know.  It is the responsibility of the parents to teach this.  It is not a responsibility of the school nor should it be.  The CEO of Planned Murderhood claims that parents can not do it alone.  She does not give any support to that assertion.  Nor can she.

She further claims they need a “neutral teacher.”  Yet, a Peoria Journal Star news story written about the proposed bill declares “Planned Parenthood groups are interested in applying for the grant money if it’s allocated.  They could then teach the curriculum for free in schools interested in implementing it….” (Peoria Journal Star 1/15/06, page A17)  Now I ask you: Does Planned Murderhood seem like a “neutral teacher” to you?  The last group of people on earth that I would want teaching my child about sex is Planned Murderhood!  They are neither truthful nor neutral!

Planned Murderhood, according to the same article, is an avid supporter of this bill.  Why?  Is it because they care about our children or because they want the money to spread their murderous lies?  Ask the members of Planned Murderhood these questions among the many you could and should ask.  

Is the murder of an unborn baby (an abortion) a valid method for “planned parenthood?”

Was Planned Murderhood one of the groups that originally pushed for the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that the murder of the unborn was constitutionally protected?

Does Planned Murderhood provide for or refer women to doctors who will murder the unborn child of that woman?

Does Planned Murderhood support the practice of “partial birth abortions?”

Does Planned Murderhood support the use of abortion pills as a method of birth control?

Will Planned Murderhood teach that an abortion pill does, in fact, murder a newly conceived child?

Does Planned Murderhood support selling abortion pills over the counter just as aspirin is?

Does Planned Murderhood believe that 13 year olds should have access to abortion pills even if opposed by the child’s parent?

Does Planned Murderhood support the murder of an unborn baby by a 13 year old without parental consent?

Will Planned Murderhood teach that having sexual relations before marriage is immoral and a sin?

Does Planned Murderhood believe that having sexual relations before marriage is immoral and a sin?

Will Planned Murderhood teach that pregnancy can and will occur even if contraceptive methods are used?    

Will Planned Murderhood teach that some sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted even when a condom is used and that condoms can and will fail?

You should get the idea.  Planned Murderhood should never be allowed to spread their lies and propaganda in the public school system!  Never!!!        


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