Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I was not going to write about this tonight.  In fact, I wasn’t going to write about anything tonight.  Getting home from a girls’ regional basketball game, I turned on the TV to watch the 10pm news.  The vultures were circling.  The libertine Democrats and the libertine mass media were circling for the kill because of the tragic accident Vice President Cheney was involved in.  Did this accident occur while Vice President Cheney was involved in his official duties?  Did this accident happen because of policies that evolved from the White House?  No!  Never mind!  It seems to be “fair” game to the libertines in the media and the Democratic Party.  

It is a personal matter.  Frankly, it is none of their business.  I guess the Vice President does not have a right to privacy as the rest of us expect.

If you or I was involved in the same type of accident it probably would not even made the papers.  If Bill Gates was involved in this, it may have made the papers, if someone mentioned it, but no one would accuse him of being secretive or trying to cover up the news.  It was a personal, unfortunate, private matter and should be covered accordingly.

But, if it is not.  Then, every single member of the House of Representatives and of the Senate should immediately disclose when they, their wife, or any member of their immediate family deliberately murders their own unborn baby.  That issue is an issue that is a point of contention in relation to national policy.  That issue deals with intentionally murdering another human being.  If that is not news worthy, then Vice President Cheney’s accident is not news worthy.  How many unborn babies do you think have been murdered by members of Congress or their immediate family?

Do you recall that a certain libertine Democrat in the 1960’s while driving a car with a female passenger within drove that car off of a bridge?  That libertine Democrat then left that passenger in the car while swimming to safety.  That female passenger died in that accident.  You would think he and his cohorts would know that not everything that occurs in live is fair game in the political arena.  No empathy from this crowd!  

Maybe, they have forgotten the past.  Maybe, it only applies to people they disagree with.  Maybe, they are desperate for any thing and don’t care how utterly ridiculous they sound.  Deal with politics.  You aren’t real good at politics but at least you don’t look too much like the vultures you are proving yourselves to be.          


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Hi Christian Gunslinger love your blog. I came across it while looking for prayers. I know Vultures circling is not an exact match but thanks for the read. I'll get on with my search for prayers stuff and will visit again sometime. Take Care

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