Saturday, March 11, 2006

Last Wednesday night the 8th of March, I wrote a blog about a letter I had written to the Peoria UPN TV station concerning the content of a commercial aired during the IHSA Class A Girls’ State Basketball Tournament.  The blog was entitled “Immoral garbage.”  I stated that I would not watch UPN any longer because that “garbage” commercial was aired during the basketball game.

Guess what.  Tonight I watched the last half of the second night game of the IHSA Class A Boys’ Basketball Tournament.  I decided to watch it because I had heard that UPN was going to air two night games of the Big Ten Basketball Tournament.  The ISHA Class A games would be aired on Channel 17 instead of UPN by Insight Cable which operates in Morton.  Channel 17 is usually reserved for items pertaining to a Peoria area junior college.

Guess what.  I watched the entire second half and not one “garbage” commercial was shown.  Every commercial was age appropriate for the audience that would be watching a high school basketball game.  In other words, there was not one commercial promoting any program to be aired by the UPN station.  UPN was not broadcasting the game and UPN was not inserting the “immoral garbage” promotions for their “immoral garbage” programs.  It is possible to watch a high school basketball game without a “Janet Jackson Moment” as long as it is not being broadcast by UPN.  

The IHSA ought to take note!  Do you think they will?    


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