Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I mailed the following letter to the UPN station in Peoria on March 1, 2006.  As of yet, no one has responded.  I don’t expect a reply.  However, if I receive one, I will post it.

Your TV station will not be invited into my home again.  Even when you promise wholesome entertainment, you bring along your immoral garbage.

We were watching the IHSA girls’ basketball tournament.  Your immoral garbage was not invited but it came along anyway.  A quote from a commercial aired during the game, “Once I got dumped during sex.”  

Your TV station got dumped during a commercial.  I should not have to police a wholesome program to prevent an immoral commercial from invading my home!  Unfortunately, you don’t seem to have anyone with an ounce of intelligence working for your station!

I did what the libertines always say we should do.  “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.”  The TV was turned off.  It will not be turned back on to any UPN program.  I will not unintentionally invite garbage into my home and no program seems to be immune from the garbage invasion—not even a high school basketball game.

How many pre-teenagers were watching a basketball game and were exposed to a commercial glorifying premarital sex?  Would you run beer commercials during this time slot?  Would you run condom commercials?  Then again, maybe you did and I turned off the TV before they were aired.  It would not surprise me.

I’ll miss watching high school basketball.  I will not miss the immoral garbage you tried to force upon us.    


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