Thursday, March 16, 2006

I have a Master of Science degree in political science.  I taught American government for several years in Illinois schools.  My first involvement in a political campaign, that I can remember, was in the fourth grade.  It was very limited involvement but involvement never the less.  I have run for political office.  I have won primaries and a general election.  I think I have some understanding of the political process in this country.

Nevertheless, I would not presume to tell anyone how they should cast their vote in an election.  It is their vote; not mine.  I do believe it is proper to state who I am voting for and why.  What any particular voter does with that information is up to them.  I would, as before, urge everyone to vote in the primary next week.  Your one vote can make a difference.

I believe the values held by the various candidates are as important if not more important than their position on the various issues.  Issues come and go.  What may be an important issue during the election may not be that important during the term of office of the elected candidate.  New, unforeseen issues will develop during his term of office.  Issues that he must decide without any real feedback from the voters.

Values are more permanent than issues.  The candidate’s values should always be an influence on how he decides future issues that were unforeseen today.  The candidate’s values also have an impact on his leadership ability.  As a voter, I want to elect candidates who are leaders not followers.  I want them leading based upon their values.  The values of the candidate are the most important criteria I use in determining who I will vote for.

I want a candidate who is pro-life.  I want a candidate who understands that homosexuality is a sin.  I want a candidate who supports the GOD directed traditional family unit.  I want a candidate who is not intimidated into trying to minimize his established values.  I want a candidate who is a leader and not a follower.

For governor I am voting for Bill Brady.  From what I have read, both Ron Gidwitz and Judy Topinka support the murder of unborn babies.  Both of these candidates support civil unions for homosexuals which to me is just an attempt to try to “straddle the fence” and benefit from the support of both homosexuals and those who oppose homosexuality while not totally pleasing either side.  A sad lack of leadership and commitment to one position or the other.  Their positions on either or both of these issues are sufficient to prevent me from voting for either one of them in the primary.      

I have read that Jim Oberweis is pro-life but have not seen or heard any commercial from him declaring that to be his position.  He also may have alienated Topinka supporters with some of his ads which may mean they will not support him in the general election.  I have not read Andy Martin’s positions on either being pro-life or pro-family.  That may be intentional.  That may be because of the poor media coverage he is receiving.  I have not seen or heard any commercial ads for his campaign.

In contrast, Bill Brady is finally running ads featuring his pro-life and pro-family positions.  No other candidate has run ads or radio commercials declaring their position on these issues as far as I know.  This tells me that Bill Brady will take a leadership position in these two areas.  Bill Brady is also from central Illinois.  Bill Brady will receive my vote in the primary.

For lieutenant governor, both Steve Rauschenberger and Joe Birkett have aligned themselves with a candidate (Gidwitz and Topinka) who supports the murder of unborn babies and civil unions for homosexuals.  They are each automatically rejected for that alignment—no leadership there.  I have not read or heard anything in relation to Lawrence Bruckner and his positions on the murder of unborn babies and pro-family values—no leadership there.

I am voting for Sandy Wegman.  She is running an ad stating she is endorsed by the Illinois Federation for Life.  She has said she will be actively involved in issues because of her values including her pro-life position.  The editorial writers at the Peoria Journal Star believe she is unqualified for statewide office.  That is a positive for voting for her.  She is from Kane County and I use to teach in Kane County.  Sandy Wegman will get my vote.

One last thing.  It is always a good idea to pray for GOD’S guidance before you vote.  Then, VOTE!!!  


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