Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 is primary election day in Illinois.  I urge all eligible voters to exercise their right to vote.  Don’t be fooled into believing that your vote does not count.  

From my own limited political experience, I can testify that every vote is important.  I won a primary election against a candidate who was both a medical doctor and a lawyer by 54 votes.  I lost a general election by 3 votes.  There was a news story a few years ago where the vote total was a tie and one of the two candidates neglected to vote.  Every vote can make a difference.  Vote!

Don’t be swayed be public opinion polls or by endorsements.  I can guarantee this to be true.  NO PUBLIC OPINION POLL HAS EVER VOTED FOR A CANDIDATE FOR PUBLIC OFFICE.  I can also guarantee this to be true.  NO ENDORSEMENT HAS EVER VOTED FOR A CANDIDATE FOR PUBLIC OFFICE.  The person or persons who made the endorsement may vote for that candidate but the endorsement does not vote for any candidate.  The person who made the endorsement has only one vote just as you and I have only one vote.

Actually, in a primary election your vote is even more critical than in a general election.  We know that fewer people vote in the primary than in the general election.  That means that each vote has more weight than in the general election.  If 100 people vote in the primary election and 1000 people vote in the general election, your one vote in the primary election has ten times the weight of your one vote in the general election—1/100th compared to 1/1000th.  You have greater influence in the primary than in the general election!    

Often, in the primary election it is not the candidate who has the most support who wins.  Rather, it is the candidate who can get his supporters to the poll and voting for him.  In Arizona a few years ago, two Republicans were running in the primary for governor.  One was the Majority Leader for the State House of Representatives.  Every public opinion poll had him winning by a large margin.  He received every major endorsement from members of the Republican Party and from state newspapers.  Almost every news source had him easily winning.  HE LOST!!!

Your vote can make the difference.  Vote in the primary on March 21, 2006.  VOTE AND BE HEARD!

Tomorrow I will announce who I am voting for in the governor and lieutenant governor races and why.


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