Tuesday, June 06, 2006

“The bill ‘strengthens our security and reflects our humanity,’ said Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., McCain’s partner in the Senate compromise.  ‘It is intended to keep out those who would harm us and welcome those who contribute to our country.’” (Peoria Journal Star, May 26, 2006, page A1 and A10)  Note please that this is the same Senator Kennedy who has stated repeatedly that he believes it is permissible for mothers to murder their unborn child.  I don’t believe such a position reflects any humanity toward the murdered unborn baby!!!  This is the same Senator Kennedy who recently stated that those who support a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as being between one man and one woman are bigots.  Is this name calling of people who disagrees with his position an example of his concept of showing his own humanity???  

Okay.  I admit it.  I don’t believe that Senator Kennedy is qualified to speak on the issue of humanity.  Maybe, I am incorrect.  I’ve got a suggestion.  Let’s test the Senator’s own humanity!!!

I suggest the following test.  We (not the Senator and/or his people) should randomly select ten individuals—five who are American citizens and five who are illegal immigrants.  These ten selected individuals will go to work at Senator Kennedy’s estate that is worth the most.  (I suspect that Senator Kennedy has more than one estate.  We could do this test at each of them with ten people per estate but I think the one worth the most will be sufficient for this test.)

Each of these ten individuals will work forty hours a week for the Senator and the Senator is to pay them minimum wage.  The Senator will also provide room and board, medical insurance, transportation, and insure that they are well treated while in his employment.

At the end of five years of service, Senator Kennedy must give each of the ten individuals 1% (one percent) ownership in the estate where they were working.  That means, of course, that after working for Senator Kennedy for five years; the Senator has 90% (ninety percent) ownership in his estate and the ten individuals together have 10% (ten percent) ownership in the estate.

If Senator Kennedy does this, I will accept that he has the same humanity that he is demanding of the citizens of this country.  If he does not, he has demonstrated that his is a false humanity.  He is willing to give away the country to illegal immigrants but he is not willing to give away that which is directly his.  Is it easier to give away that which belongs to millions rather than to give away that which he personally owns???

Do you believe the Senator will agree to this test of his own humanity?  I don’t and you and I both know why.  He’s far less likely to give up his own possession for the benefit of others.  Unless he personally does this, he has no right to give away citizenship to illegal immigrants!!!


(to be continued)  


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