Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Immoral TV Land

I was cooking supper in the kitchen.  The time was approaching 7:00p.m.  It was Monday night.  I knew CBS was premiering its fall shows for that night.  I turned on the TV.

The 7:00p.m. Central time program was a new “comedy” about a prospective groom calling members of his 3rd grade class to get together for the first time in twenty years with a party since his bride-to-be was also from that class.  Maybe it could be funny.  It wasn’t.

I saw enough of the show that he had called the first four people.  The first male called was still living at home with a “witch” mother.  One female called was self-centered.  The other was at her home with her “boyfriend” in bed with another woman.  The fourth classmate called was also in bed.  He was in bed with his “boyfriend.”

According to my clock, all of this happened by the time the clock said 7:04p.m.  Less than four seconds later, the TV was turned off.  Another TV show I won’t be watching this year.  

What a surprise. In the first four minutes, two scenes implying immoral behavior.  Nothing is new in immoral TV land!  


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