Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It seems I’m stuck in a sport’s mode.  November 11th I posted congratulations to Morton’s varsity girls’ volleyball team for playing at the State Tournament for the first time since 1981.  Last night, I congratulated Morton’s varsity girls’ basketball team for winning a tournament in Quincy and in the process defeating the then 5th and 1st ranked AA teams in the State.  

Tonight, it is to congratulate three varsity players on the girl’s volleyball squad.  Of six players selected, three Morton players are members of the “2006 Journal Star All-Star Volleyball Team.” (Peoria Journal Star, November 28, 2006, page D3)

What is somewhat surprising is that one of the three Morton players selected was not a first team selection to the Mid-Illini Conference Team although she probably should have been.  She was a second team selection.  I attended a couple of games this year.  The games I saw, these three players never left the game.  They played every second of each game.  

What should be encouraging to Morton Volleyball fans is that none of the three are seniors.  One, who was also the “Player of the Year,” (Peoria Journal Star, November 28, 2006, page D1) is a junior, one is a sophomore, and one is a freshman.  Morton should be able to anticipate another exciting year next volleyball season.



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The obsession with little girls??!!

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