Saturday, May 05, 2007

Let’s Surrender?

How many unborn toddlers were murdered today because of the humanistic, paganish decisions of the United States Supreme Court?

Stop the
Murder of

“Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” James 4: 17 (NIV)

Cal Thomas is a syndicated columnist whose columns occasionally are published in the Peoria Journal Star. The following column did not appear in the Journal Star unless I missed it. It was published in World magazine on April 14, 2007, page 5. I believe it is a parallel commentary to my post of last night “Override the veto?” Since this is a reprint in a magazine, I do not know for certain if it is the entire article but I believe it is.

“Everywhere one looks in Europe there are signs that free people are prepared to surrender without a fight to those who would place them in bondage.

In England, a new government-backed study has found that British schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons. Teachers are afraid to teach about the Nazi atrocity because Muslim students might take offense. (Why would Muslim students be offended by teaching about the Nazi created Holocaust? Could it be because the victims were primarily Jewish and an avowed goal of Muslim terrorists is to drive the Jews out of the Holy Land that both Muslims and Jews claim as their own?—my addition)

The study also discovered resistance by teachers to cover the 11th-century Crusades, when Christians fought Muslims for control of Jerusalem, because the lessons contradict what Muslim students are taught in Mosques. The sacrifice of truth in favor of propaganda for fear of violence is the first step on the road to enslavement. (Wait, maybe this is an example of the many truths that the editorial writers of the Peoria Journal Star like to trumpet. The West can have their version of the truth. Muslims can have their version of the truth. And since diversity is now our holy grail, each diversified segment of society can have their own truth as long as no one else challenges each other’s truth—my addition)

It gets worse. A new survey by the respected YouGov organization has found most Britons want to scale down their country’s involvement in world affairs at a time of great international challenge. (I’ll say great international challenge! We are at war and a large segment within the United States and the world have their heads buried so deeply in the sand that they seem to think that if we ignore or placate the terrorists who are trying to destroy us that they will go away and leave us alone.—my addition) Fifty-five percent of respondents said they oppose Britain ‘punching above its weight,’ trying to have more influence in the world than its military and economic strengthen would seem able to support.

In Belgium, a newspaper has published a copy of the Quran in French and offered free coupons for a Flemish language translation of Islam’s holy book. The paper also published a book called Islam Now, which presents a history of the religion up to the modern era. I haven’t seen it, but would be willing to bet it contains little, if anything, about the terrorism carried out in the name of Islam by fanatics.

All of this—with surely more on the way—comes from the flawed Western point of view that others will be nice to us if we are nice to them. Were this true, the prisons would be empty and there would be no need for burglar alarms and firearms to protect us from criminals. (It also seems to be part of our present humanistic philosophy of letting people do what they want as if murderers who chop off people’s heads will change their behavior if you give them what they want or at least don’t stand up to them and try to stop them. We’ve had a whole generation of raising some of our children by appeasing their every whim. It doesn’t work with children and it doesn’t work with murderers! It didn’t work in the 1930’s with Hitler and it will not work today with this new group of terrorists and murderers. You can not appease people who are doing wrong into doing that which is right!—my addition) Evil exists and must be defeated, or evil will triumph. (That statement needs repeating: “EVIL EXISTS AND MUST BE DEFEATED, OR EVIL WILL TRIUMPH!” The problem is that we, as a nation, have declared evil to be a Constitutional right [the barbaric murder of our unborn children as well as other evils] so that we no longer have a good moral compass to define either evil or good let alone the will to fight evil even when we know it is occurring. We even have a major political party who boasts that one of its major positions is the “Constitutional right” to murder your own unborn child. When a party is that sick and yet supported by voters, what can you expect? In many ways, we have brought this on ourselves because we have been enamored with participating in evil to such an extent that we don’t accept evil as evil even when it attacks us.—my addition)

The world is on fire, but Britain and much of the rest of Europe (and the libertines in the United States—my addition) are not paying attention. Its enemies are noticing. And while Europe’s enemies arm themselves for war, they regard the European attitude toward them as unilateral surrender. Winston Churchill would have called it the gathering storm (Does anyone even get taught in history classes the significance of this?—my addition). As it has done before with severe consequences, modern Europe prefers to ignore the clouds.—© 2007 Tribune Media Services, Inc.”

Although this article concentrates on the attitude of Europeans, he could just as well be referring to the libertine Democrats who are trying to appease terrorists by pulling out of Iraq. War is not pretty and terrorism is not easy to combat. Retreat, surrender, hiding are easy means of instant gratification to avoid terror. However, it will not stop terrorism. How many lives would have been saved if the world would have stood up to Hitler in the early days of his attempt to conquer the world? How many more lives will be sacrificed at a later date if we back down from the terrorist threat now because the going has gotten more difficult than anticipated. Now is the time to stand up to terrorists. It is not time to retreat. It is certainly not time to surrender.

When a cancer attacks your body, the prevailing wisdom is to attack it early before it spreads. The cancer patient doesn’t normally sit back and think to himself, “Well, if I just leave it alone, if I just ignore it, it will surely go away. I’ve been a good person. The cancer has no reason to attack me. Once the cancer realizes that, it will do me no harm.” Such thinking can be deadly. Such thinking is retreat and surrender! Do you think the libertine Democrats have a clue?


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