Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Romney victory?

I will not be continuing my Creationism posts today. I do plan to return to them soon.

Then, I plan to answer the response about Iraq. I am sorry for the change in plans. Plans, in reality, often are altered for one reason or another. “The best laid plans … often go astray.” Thank you for your understanding and patience.

How many unborn toddlers were murdered today because of the humanistic, paganish, barbaric decisions of the United States Supreme Court?

Stop the
Murder of

“Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” James 4: 17 (NIV)

The headline in the Peoria Journal Star on August 13, 2007, page A5 stated “Romney pleased with Iowa win.” The article is about Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney winning a straw vote in Iowa. The winning of the straw poll does not provide any delegates to the Republican National Convention that will select the Republican candidate for the presidency. It is something like a primary before the actual caucus vote that occurs later to select delegates to the convention.

Iowa has a population of over 2.9 million people. Most of the time, the voters of the State tend to vote Republican in recent elections. In this straw vote, out of a population of over 2.9 million people, about 14,300 people voted (.004931 of the total population). Of that total, Mitt Romney received 4,516 votes. The two next highest vote winners received 2,587 and 2,192 votes respectively. Both of them are considered more conservative than Mitt Romney and together they received more votes than he did.

Furthermore, Mitt Romney is a Mormon. It has been my observation, while living in Arizona which has a rather large Mormon population in sections of the State, that Mormons tend to vote for other Mormons regardless of the politics of that particular Mormon candidate. Some may argue with that assessment but that is my observation. It is my understanding that there are Mormons living in Iowa. It may be and I readily admit I do not know (I think it would be an interesting study.), that most of those 4,516 votes were from fellow Mormons.

Regardless, according to the article, “he (candidate Romney—my addition) spent millions of dollars and months of effort on the event (the straw vote—my addition).” [Peoria Journal Star, 8/13/07, page A5] So, as I understand it, Mitt Romney spent at least two million dollars and months of effort to receive a grand total of 4,516 votes. According to my calculations using $2,000,000 as the amount spent which would be the minimum amount for millions of dollars, Mitt Romney spent $442.87 per vote received in a straw poll that does not provide one single delegate for his actual nomination.

Does that seem rather expensive to you? Does that seem rather wasteful to you? Is that an example of how he will handle our tax dollars if elected President? What do you think?

According to the article, the Republican candidate who finished second in the straw vote spent less than $100,000. That is less than $39 a vote. The article did not say how much the candidate who came in third spent.

Mitt Romney spent at least $442.87 per vote to receive 4,516 votes State wide. Is that really much of a victory?


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