Monday, December 10, 2007

ACLJ does NOT respond to Robertson letter

I will not be continuing my Creationism posts today. I do plan to return to them soon.

Then, I plan to answer the response about Iraq. I am sorry for the change in plans. Plans, in reality, often are altered for one reason or another. “The best laid plans … often go astray.” Thank you for your understanding and patience.

How many unborn toddlers were murdered today because of the humanistic, paganish, barbaric decisions of the United States Supreme Court?

Stop the
Murder of

“Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” James 4: 17 (NIV)

On November 8th, 2007 I sent the following letter to the American Center for Law & Justice (See the post on Thursday, November 8, 2007 entitled “Pat Robertson—trying to serve two masters?” for more on Pat Robertson’s endorsement of Rudy Giuliani):

American Center for Law & Justice
P.O. Box 90555
Washington, D.C. 20090-0555

Dear Sir:

This morning in my local paper, I read that Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy Giuliani for the Republican nomination for President of the United States—the same Rudy Giuliani who for years has supported the MURDER of unborn babies and SINFUL homosexual practices. It seems that Mr. Robertson has either forgotten or is ignoring the clear proclamation of JESUS that you can NOT serve two MASTERS.

I write a political blog ( from a Christian perspective and have just concluded a fifteen part series on Senator Barack Obama dealing with why Christians should NOT and can NOT support him for President. It seems that Mr. Robertson believes that it is acceptable to support a person who is a Republican but supports the same SINFUL practices. I can NOT and will NOT support an individual who supports SIN.

Which leads to this letter. It seems to me that I have read that Pat Robertson was either the founder of or one of the founders of the American Center for Law & Justice. I was on your website last night to sign a petition and to check out if Mr. Robertson is part of the organization. I could not find a specific reference to him but did find that you have three links to Regent University which according to my information Mr. Robertson founded in 1977.

Therefore, I have these questions that I ask that you answer:

1) Was Pat Robertson a founder, in whole or in part, of the American Center for Law & Justice?

2) Is Pat Robertson presently actively involved in any capacity in the American Center for Law & Justice with the exception of monetary contributions (Since you can not control who contributes to your efforts.)?

Your response will determine whether or not I continue to contribute to your organization and what type of post I write concerning this situation. If Mr. Robertson is still actively involved in the American Center for Law & Justice, I will STOP supporting the organization. If you do not respond within a reasonable time to this letter, I will NOT support your organization. Thank you for your attention to my letter.


It seems that many candidates and specialized organizations want your support and your money but are unwilling to answer specific questions about their policies or their organization. I would estimate that I have received approximately one correspondence from ACLJ (either by e-mail or by mail) every week of this year. Yet, they are either unwilling or unable to answer my two questions in relation to Mr. Robertson and the organization.

Therefore, I regrettably will cut all ties to the organization. I will no longer contribute to them nor will I support any of their activities. It is unfortunate that they seem to believe that they need not respond to my legitimate questions and address my concerns. As of today, I have blocked their e-mails to me. Too bad. Sometimes, silence is golden; sometimes, silence speaks louder than words.

“Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” James 4: 17 (NIV)


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