Saturday, March 05, 2011

Liberal media cover-up in Madison, Wisconsin?

There are two posts today. Neither post is the one originally planned for today. I haven’t decided yet whether to give my comments on Congressional term limits on Monday or post the planned post for today. Both will be posted shortly.


“Bullets found at Wisconsin Capitol Building—Liberal Media Silent
Ken Sweeney—7 hours ago

40 rounds of .22 caliber long rifle hollow points were found in the surrounding areas of the Madison, Wisconsin capitol building.

The Democratic Party and the media in this country need to take notice. There is a growing undercurrent of violence on the left as the welfare state is crumbling around them. The irresponsibility of the media not to cover left wing hate and violence will backfire if (and when) something terrible happens.

When a Democratic legislator threatens a Republican legislator with ‘You are [expletive] Dead,’ and my great Senator from Ohio, Sherrod Brown (His first term expires in 2012. We need a Tea Party candidate to challenge him in that upcoming election! A seat that can be won!—my addition), compares Republicans to Hitler and Stalin, they have officially crossed the line. Game over.

This isn’t partisan maneuvering anymore—this is dangerous.”