Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Unchecked Government Schools!

From: http://enews.earthlink.net/article/us?guid=20110828/038db91f-3a68-48f6-9190-a09f7d1ab202

“Ind. vouchers prompt thousands to change schools

From Associated Press
August 28, 2011 2:11 PM EDT

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP)—Weeks after Indiana began the nation’s broadest school voucher program, thousands of students have transferred from public to private schools, causing a spike in enrollment at some Catholic institutions that were only recently on the brink of closing for lack of pupils.

It’s a scenario public school advocates have long feared: Students fleeing local districts in large numbers, taking with them vital tax dollars that often end up at parochial schools.

Opponents say the practice violates the separation of church and state. (As I’ve said repeatedly, there is NO such thing as a “separation of church and State” within the U.S. Constitution! It is a LIE perpetuated by the federal courts!—my addition)

In at least one district, public school principals have been pleading with parents not to move their children.

‘The bottom line from our perspective is, when you cut through all the chaff, nobody can deny that public money is going to be taken from public schools, and they’re going to end up in private, mostly religious schools,’ said Nate Schnellenberger, president of the Indiana State Teachers Association.

Under a law signed in May by Governor Mitch Daniels, more than 3,200 Indiana students are receiving vouchers to attend private schools (A small number of the total school population!—my addition). That number is expected to climb significantly in the next two years as awareness of the program increases and limits on the number of applicants are lifted.

The vouchers are government-issued certificates that can be applied to private tuition, essentially allowing parents to channel some of the tax dollars they would normally pay to public schools to other institutions.

Until Indiana started its program, most voucher systems were limited to poor students, those in failing schools or those with special needs (Which, of course, discriminates against a majority of students and their families!—my addition). But Indiana’s is significantly larger, offering money to students from middle-class homes and solid school districts.

Nearly 70 percent of the vouchers approved statewide are for students opting to attend Catholic schools (Because they are in existence and offer something often lacking in public schools—discipline! I know a number of parents who are not Catholic but sent their children to Catholic schools for the stricter discipline in Catholic schools!—my addition), according to figures provided to The Associated Press by the five dioceses in Indiana. The majority are in the urban areas of Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend and Gary, where many public schools have long struggled.

John Elcesser, executive director of the Indiana Non-Public Education Association, said it's not surprising that Catholic schools are receiving so many of the vouchers, even though they make up fewer than half of the 415 schools in the group.

Most Catholic schools already had state accreditation, which some private schools lack. And they are more established and have more space available, he said.

John West, an attorney for a group suing to stop the Indiana program, said during a hearing on the issue that only six of the 240 private schools that have signed up for the voucher program are secular.” (So!?—my addition)

“Other states that have introduced voucher programs also have seen booms in parochial school enrollment.

In Ohio, where children from low-performing public schools can use vouchers to attend private schools, about 70 percent of students receiving vouchers have used them to attend Catholic schools, said Chad Aldis, executive director of School Choice Ohio.

That demand comes at a price to public schools, which say the voucher program siphons off money they need.”

Here is the essence of the situation. Education is based upon SUPPLY and DEMAND just as any other product in the marketplace is based upon supply and demand. I wrote three posts earlier this month about a government school district in Florida that had violated a teacher’s “freedom of speech” rights. When government schools have a monopoly or a near monopoly, they have a tendency to arrogantly believe they can do whatever they want without worrying about parent reaction.

I had planned to include several examples of schools doing ridiculous things in the name of education. However, the post would have been much longer than I like to post for one day. As I said in my earlier post about the Florida school, when a school does outrageous things and won’t repent, I advise Christians to home school or send their children to a private school.

Voucher programs are and will be positive for government schools. They help to improve the supply and demand equilibrium. Competition is created! And government schools will improve or die!!! Creating competition will improve government education to a far, far greater extent than the federal government’s Unconstitutionally mandated “No Child Left Behind” nonsense! Competition is a positive for education!!!

However, it may NOT be a positive for teacher unions. Could that be why unions automatically oppose competition in any form??? Could that be why teacher unions have already endorsed President Barack Hussein Obama for a second term!

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” (Last sentence of the Declaration of Independence)

It is time, it’s past time to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION!!!

It is time, it’s past time to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!!!

It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!
It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!
It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!