Friday, September 09, 2011

Bob Turner for New York Congressional District 9th—One More Reason to Vote for Bob Turner on the 13th of This Month


“Democrats see Weprin as perfect Weiner replacement

Career politician a fierce enemy of 2nd & 4th Amendment rights
by Raquel Okyay

Career politician and gun control supporter-supreme, New York State Assemblyman David I. Weprin, D, wants a seat at the United States Congress. If he wins in a special election scheduled for Sept. 13, New York’s 9th Congressional District will have elected the most anti-4th Amendment candidate running for public office—this year.

‘I’ve been a strong advocate on gun control,’ Weprin said. ‘There’s a lot of national bills that would really prevent illegal weapons,’ reported the August 2 Queens Chronicle.

Democrat pundits calling it a sure win for Weprin are ignoring the cries from Americans from inner cities to rural towns demanding a return to the Constitutional principles that make us free. Certainly not another New York City liberal who will, no doubt, subject Constitution loving Americans to more anti-gun, federal regulations.

In contrast, Bob Turner, Republican and Conservative party candidate in this race, is an independent-minded and sincere statesman who will, no doubt, have a positive effect on ending the uncontrolled and ‘unsustainable spending’ that the current United States Congress is drunk on.

‘I’m not a politician. I’m a businessman and an ordinary citizen just like you. My platform is based on sound economic principles. I know we need more independent minded people in Congress who will stop the unsustainable spending and help create real jobs for Americans. There should be no place in our government for tax and spend a lifetime rubberstamp for the Democratic agenda,’ said Turner.

As an elected official, Weprin has a dismal record of harass and control.

New York State Assembly—District 24 (Feb. 2010 to Present)

A08456 (2011) Provides that certain people may not possess antique firearms, black powder firearms, or muzzle loading firearms (PRIME SPONSOR)

A7575A (2010) Expands the list of serious offenses that makes possessing a firearm a class A misdemeanor to include family offenses. (CO SPONSOR)

A6468C (2010) Requires semiautomatic pistols manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in this state to be capable of micro stamping ammunition. (CO SPONSOR)

New York City Council—District 23 (2002-2009): In 2003, We interview with Alan Comes, Weprin has this to say:

COLMES: Tell me about your bill. What do you want to do?

WEPRIN: I want to outlaw the sale of all toy guns in the city of New York.

COLMES: All right, they’re going to say it’s crazy, you can’t do it, you prevent people’s rights to go and buy a product.

WEPRIN: My response is just today, today after I was already scheduled to be on this show, there was a 17-year-old on 148th Street that shot dead by a New York City police officer because he had a toy gun that looked like a real gun. (Why did a 17-year-old have a toy gun that looked like a real gun? Has the 17-year-old no responsibility in this? Is it the responsibility of the city to take control over the responsibility of all other people? The city knows best?—my addition)

COLMES: All right, so if they’re banned in New York … people buy them in New Jersey, people buy them in Connecticut, people buy them in elsewhere.

WEPRIN: Well, I’m hoping it will start a trend. And I think a lot of other municipalities will follow suit. (Hope? Think?? Did he bother to contact representatives of other municipalities to seek their opinion on the issue?—my addition)

So, Mr. Weprin, the politician asking for a position in a Congress with too many anti-gun charlatans to begin with, wants the whole country to ban toy guns. Just imagine what he would like to do with real guns.

Furthermore, exploiting the death of a teenager to excuse his anti-firearm position, is a sad scare tactic on the back of an innocent victim, and inexcusable. The answer is clear.

Support Bob Turner for Congress: Weed the scum out!

Raquel Okyay is a conservative writer and activist in New York State. She is a Conservative Party Leader and Founder of Ulster Orange Tea Party. Raquel also serves on the Board of Directors of NYS Right to Life.”

If you live in New York Congressional District 9 and are a registered voter, VOTE next Tuesday. Help to get out the VOTE. PRAY that the people of this nation REPENT and RETURN to GOD‘S MORAL LAW and WILL!

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” (Last sentence of the Declaration of Independence)

It is time, it’s past time to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION!!!

It is time, it’s past time to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!!!

It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!
It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!
It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!