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Is Planned Parenthood a Non-Profit Organization?

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“J. Jill’s Mother’s Day Giving Campaign Funds Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 5/8/14

Shoppers at the women’s apparel merchant J. Jill are upset that it’s Mother’s Day charity campaign is funneling donations to Planned Parenthood.

Tricia Murphy informs LifeNews that she was distressed to find out that the women’s clothing company has Planned Parenthood on a list of charitable groups clothing purchaers can choose from to send a special Mother’s Day contribution.

My formerly favorite store and catalog, J Jill, has been promoting a Mother’s Day charitable giving opportunity through PlanG, ‘a giving website that helps you give to any non-profit in the U.S.’ The option to give the $10 credit as a gift was also offered,’ Murphy explains. ‘I decided to look into what kind of ‘non-profit[s]’ were represented. I typed Planned Parenthood into the search bar and 92 options were offered.

‘How on Earth does Planned Parenthood, with assets totaling $1.627 million last year get qualified as a non-profit?’ Murphy complained.

The pro-life advocate contacted J. Jill to express her outrage and ask the clothing company to sever its ties with the abortion corporation.

‘I am writing to express my deep sadness and outrage that my favorite store & catalog, J Jill, is in any way allowing its customers to contribute to the murder of pre-born children. I pray that you may not be aware that one can contribute to Planned Parenthood via your Plan G charitable giving program,’ she wrote in an email. ‘I strongly urge you to cut ties with Plan G and find a charitable giving organization that does not support the abortion industry, which has been responsible for the largest genocide in the history of the world–56 million+ babies murdered since Roe v. Wade in the US alone.’

‘The sick irony of a Mother’s Day campaign to raise money for the biggest killer of pre-born children really makes this all the more scandalous! I have already shared this information with pro-life organizations alerting them to the fact that Planned Parenthood is posing as a non-profit and has ties to Plan G. Again, I urge you as strongly as possible to find another way for your customers to donate to worthwhile charities,’ Murphy continued.

J.J. Jill Contact Center Vice President Faythe Shortelle responded to the email with the following:

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us; we value all feedback from our customers. Our partnership with Plan G is intended to provide a choice for our customers, allowing them to funnel a onetime donation to the charity they would most like to support. As you may be aware, Plan G enables donations to all 501c3 non-profits registered with the IRS and does not attempt to influence donors to support any specific cause. We deeply respect your opinion on this matter and will take this into consideration moving forward as we continue to further the mission of the J. Jill Compassion Fund.

Murphy hopes other people will contact J. Jill and express their outrage.


‘I pray you can get the word out about Plan G ahead of Mothers’ Day. People need to know that Planned Parenthood is somehow classified as a non-profit with this site for charitable giving. And, I have a feeling that PP is profiting from other such charitable-giving organizations,’ she said.

ACTION: Contact J.J. Jill Contact Center Vice President Faythe Shortelle at or use its contact form at this web site. You can also call 1.800.343.5700 or fax 1.603.266.2802.

I posted this for two reasons. Because, in fact, the IRS does consider Planned MURDERHOOD to be a non-profit organization. Second, the way to stop businesses from hiding behind this is to stop patronizing those businesses and to tell them why you have stopped.

Politically, we need to stop taxing money as long as that money is being used within the business. We also need to stop giving government money to businesses. Then, there would be no need for the classifications of for profit and non-profit. It has become a joke. Literally there are now over a million non-profits.


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