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“MSNBC Laments Pro-Life Laws Could Close 75% of Abortion Clinics in Some States
by Paul Bremmer | Washington, DC | | 5/1/14

MSNBC’s Irin Carmon is worried sick about women in the South (How good of her?—my addition). They may soon find it harder to kill (MURDER—my addition) their unborn babies in poorly-regulated abortion clinics!

On Monday morning, Carmon penned an article on apocalyptically titled “The End of Abortion Access in the South?” (GREAT! Lets end it EVERYWHERE!—my addition)

The award-winning (Who gave the award?—my addition) “champion of choice” essentially pleaded for the federal courts to step in and strike down laws in many southern states that would regulate abortion (Is this a news organization or an advocacy group?—my addition). A new Mississippi law, which was the main focus of her article, would require that abortions be performed by doctors who are board-certified OB/GYNs who enjoy admitting privileges at a local hospital (Be a real doctor that is trained in the specialty of child births who can actually work in a hospital setting! Is that too stringent? Is that unusual for other medical specialties?—my addition). That particular law, Carmon fretted, would lead to the closure of the last remaining abortion clinic in the state (Too bad so sad! NOT!—my addition). She issued a dire warning to her readers:

‘The same law that threatens to end legal abortion (It is NOT legal! It is Supreme Court imposed! There is a vast difference!—my addition) in Mississippi has swept across southern states, leaving women there with waning alternatives (Really! How about bring the baby to term and having the baby delivered as GOD intended when a pregnancy occurs?—my addition). Unless the federal courts step in, access may be decimated in a vast swath of the country, potentially closing three-quarters of the abortion clinics in states where 21 million women live (Great! It is what the States wants! The federal courts have NO authority over State laws! None! Show me that in the Constitution! The federal courts have NO authority to make law! Show me that in the Constitution!—my addition).’

Closing three-fourths of abortion clinics wouldn’t be the same as ending abortion access in the South, as Carmon’s title suggests. She went on to rail against ‘conservative judges’ who have allowed southern states to pass abortion regulations (As opposed to liberal judges who violate the Constitution daily!—my addition). And of course, she snuck in a dig at ‘anti-abortion’ conservatives:

‘Such laws would have the effect long desired by social conservatives: To end legal (It is NOT legal! It is Supreme Court imposed! There is a vast difference!—my addition) abortion (AMEN!—my addition), if not the need or desire for it. The difference is that now the anti-abortion movement has both willing state legislators and, at times, willing federal judges (Because it is the will of the people of the State! It is called a republican democracy!—my addition).’

But again, these laws would not ‘end legal abortion (It is NOT legal! It is Supreme Court imposed! There is a vast difference!—my addition).’ They would lead to the closure of some clinics, but not others. Carmon herself wrote that a Texas law has closed one-third of abortion clinics in the state, and an Alabama law would close three-fifths of state clinics. She also cited Planned Parenthood data saying that new ‘admitting privileges laws’ would shutter three-fifths of Louisiana’s clinics and two-thirds of Oklahoma’s (Lets end all MURDERS of the unborn!—my addition).


When it comes to constitutional rights, the Left love to remind us that no right or liberty is absolute and may be subject to ‘common sense” restrictions. How quickly that changes when the right in question—invented by an activist Supreme Court and not enshrined in the text of the Constitution—is the one to take the life of the unborn (Never was a right to MURDER the unborn! Never will be even IF enshrined in the Constitution by Amendment! NO ONE has the right to MURDER another person! NO ONE! We each have a GOD given right to life!—my addition).

LifeNews Note: Paul Bremmer writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.

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