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Planned Parenthood, a Twelve Year Old Girl, Her Brother, and an Abortion that Wasn’t!

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“Planned Parenthood Completely Ignored the Sexual Abuse of a 12-Year-Old Girl
by Lauren Enriquez | Washington, DC | | 5/1/14

Washington, DC (LiveActionFilms)—In 1990, ‘Mary Jean Doe’ (a pen name used for anonymity) told her story of child sexual abuse to SisterLife magazine. At the age of 12, Mary Jean’s brother (Was he an adult brother? His age is not given—my addition) and a college-age friend of the family both sexually abused her. At the time, Mary Jean was just a vulnerable child (No doubt this was criminal sexual child abuse by both males!—my addition). She had had no formal sexual education, and was completely confused by the abuse. She didn’t realize she was a victim, she didn’t know the basic facts of her reproductive biology:

‘About three or four months after the abuse began, I was late for a period. I told my brother this, and he informed me that I ‘should have made that guy wear a rubber, you idiot.’ I did not know what a ‘rubber’ was, or where it was worn, or why. All I knew was that if you did not have periods, you were pregnant. And if you were pregnant, you were in trouble.’

Both of Mary Jean’s abusers and Planned Parenthood took advantage of Mary Jean’s innocence and ignorance (This is why I asked if the brother was an adult. Why is Planned MURDERHOOD an accomplice to child abuse? Because it was and is Planned MURDERHOODS modus operandi! Planned MURDERHOODS concern is for the money NOT for the child victim! This is the organization that President Barack Hussein Obama praises and to which he demands that the federal government give money! Our money!—my addition). Even Mary Jean’s Sunday school teacher portrayed callous disregard for Mary Jean’s situation, flippantly referring her to Planned Parenthood after the young girl confided in her that she thought she may be pregnant at the age of twelve, and advising her to go with her older brother (who was one of her abusers), and not to tell her parents (What religious organization? Trusted and yet let her down on all levels!—my addition). Mary describes the experience at Planned Parenthood as cold and terrifying (For a 12 year old with her abusers! No doubt!—my addition).

‘I heard a lot about ‘being responsible (Being responsible as in having an abortion to MURDER what she thought was a baby within her!—my addition)’ and ‘taking control of my body (Planned MURDERHOODS talking points!—my addition) …’ My older brother maintained a strong silence throughout the entire time—no one asked him a single question. Two days later, I received a phone call telling me the [pregnancy] test was positive and to come in the following Saturday morning with a sanitary napkin and a friend who could drive. The caller never used the words ‘pregnant’ or ‘abortion.’ I did not keep that appointment; my period started that evening (Planned MURDERHOOD LIED? For the money? To a 12 year old? Who was to pay for the cost of the neededabortion? The government? Where were the parents in all of this?—my addition).’

No one who knew about Mary Jean’s sexual activity stopped for a moment to ask her whether it was consensual (Although this would not and should not matter given her age! Is this the normal procedure for Planned MURDERHOOD?—my addition), with whom it was taking place (Is this the normal procedure for Planned MURDERHOOD?—my addition), or whether she was OK (Did not care? Cared about receiving the money for services rendered!—my addition.

‘No one asked who my ‘partner’ was; no one expressed any dismay, concern, or even interest that a 12-year-old girl needed a pregnancy test.’

Mary Jean’s abuse ended a short time later, when her brother began victimizing neighbors younger than she was and lost interest in her. The other young man moved away. But it wasn’t until years later, in high school, that Mary Jean was able to start assembling pieces of her broken past. She learned that oral sexual contact does not lead to pregnancy, and so she could never have been pregnant despite Planned Parenthood scheduling her for an abortion at the age of twelve (Planned MURDERHOOD cares? Yes, it does! For the money!—my addition). She began to feel like a ‘horrible person’ since others had thought she needed to have an abortion.

Mary Jean’s story is, sadly, not unique. Although her abuse took place decades ago, abortion proponents like Planned Parenthood are still working hand-in-hand with the sexual licentiousness of modern culture (Yes, they are and it has been documented! Where are the government authorities and all the Left wing regulators when they are needed to protect children? Forgot, one is not suppose to regulate the MURDER of unborn children! Not according to the Left!—my addition).

‘Over the years, I have found out that my story is very common in two aspects, neither of which will be good news for either side in the abortion debate. The first is the fact that my experience with Planned Parenthood was not an aberration. The sexual attitude often championed by Planned Parenthood is a serious factor in preventing the discovery of sexual abuse of young people (Planned MURDERHOOD is complicit!—my addition). Had anyone shown even the least bit of disapproval or concern, I would have divulged the truth and begged for help (Planned MURDERHOOD is complicit!—my addition).’

The exploiting practices of Planned Parenthood have led to a cycle of abuse and cover-up that have disturbingly remained unchanged (Which is what both Planned MURDERHOOD and its supporters want!—my addition). Today, for example, thanks to the lobbying of anti-life groups like Planned Parenthood, emergency contraception can be purchased over the counter by anyone (Thanks to corrupt, immoral federal judges and the Obama Administration!—my addition). This slippery slope perpetuates abuse by putting cover-up methods directly into the hands of abusers (Yes, it does!—my addition). This Students for Life of America undercover operation reveals that statutory rapists—like those who abused Mary Jean—can now simply purchase Plan B at a drug store and give it to their victim with no questions asked (And without knowing the long term ramifications to young girls who are feed these MURDEROUS dosages!—my addition).


Mary Jean was right when she said that abortion ‘does absolutely nothing to protect a young girl from continued abuse and in fact aids the abuser in his crime,’ and thanks to the abortion industry’s continued hold on legislatures (via lobbying) and students (via anti-life sexual education programs in schools), abortion was just the first rung on a slippery slope of child sexual abuse cover-ups in America.

LifeNews Note: Lauren is a former Legislative Associate for Texas Right to Life and a graduate of Ave Maria University. This post originally appeared at Live Action News and is reprinted with permission.

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