Monday, March 13, 2006

The editorial staff of the Peoria Journal Star has gone beyond their usual twisted logic in the three editorials published on 3/13/06, page A6.  I don’t usually waste effort pointing out their flaws but I will tonight.  Actually, I’ll deal with one tonight along with a quote from a second one.  I’ll deal with the third one tomorrow.  

Quoting from the third short editorial, “A thumb down (actually it’s a picture—my addition) to voter’s in Texas’ 22nd congressional district for giving disgraced U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay an overwhelming victory in Tuesday’s Republican primary.  The former House majority leader, the indicted poster child for abuse of political power in Congress, won by a 2-to-1 margin over the closest of three challengers.”

Wait a second!  Who said he was disgraced?  Why the editorial writers of the Peoria Journal Star and other libertine media elites.  If they say it is so; then, of course, it must be so!  NOT!  

This is what I get a kick out of.  Notice, he has not been convicted of anything!  He has been indicted.  In the mind of the editorial writers, indictment must mean conviction unless, of course, they should happen to be indicted for something.  Then, you can bet the farm that their tune would change.  Then, they would scream “what happened to innocent until proven guilty?”  In their minds, anyone who they disagree with is guilty.  Anyone who they agree with is innocent until proven guilty.  I hope they are never on a jury!  

Notice also the extreme arrogance of these people.  They don’t live in Texas.  They don’t vote in Texas.  Yet, they believe they are qualified to determine who the people of Texas should vote for and who they should not vote for.  What absurd nonsense.  What absurd arrogance.

Wait.  Their arrogance does not extend just to Texas.  They also demonstrate it in their first editorial of the day.  They believe they are qualified to tell all central Illinois voters who to vote for.  This particular editorial deals with the office of Lieutenant Governor in the Republican primary.

Wait.  It gets worse.  This is a quote from that first editorial.  “Neither (Sandy Wegman and Lawrence Bruckner—my addition) is qualified for statewide office.”  Do they mean that these two candidates do not meet the Illinois State Constitutional qualifications for Lieutenant Governor?  Of course not.  They mean that these two candidates do not meet the Peoria Journal Star’s qualifications for a Lieutenant Governor.  Who are these people that they believe they are qualified to tell us who is and who is not qualified to run for political office?????  

What utter, absurd arrogance!!!  Do these editorial writers meet the qualifications for editorial writers?  Are there any qualifications for editorial writers?      


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