Thursday, June 08, 2006

“Voters in eight states go to the polls today, with the most-watched congressional contest the only one that will actually put someone in office—a special election in southern California to replace jailed former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham.

Democrat Francine Busby, a local school board member, has polled even with Republican Brian Bilbray, a former congressman, by focusing her campaign on dissatisfaction with the Bush administration and the GOP-led House.” (Pekin Daily Times, June 6, 2006)

Notice the following from this quote.  Eight states had elections last Tuesday.  One of those elected a new Congressman.  At least one poll indicted that the election was even—too close to call.  The source of the article was the Pekin Daily Times.  I did not see any article about the elections in the Peoria Journal Star.

In the Wednesday Peoria Journal Star, I saw no mention of the outcomes of any of the elections.  One headline in the “Morning Report—Nation-World” section of the paper on page A2 read “Hundreds of couples marry on lucky 6/6/06.” (June 7, 2006)  The headlines in the “Morning Report—Nation” section on June 8, 2006, page A2 read as follows: “West: Iran must stop enrichment during talks,” “Ten Commandments judge loses in Alabama,” “Angelides to face Schwarzenegger in California,” “Alabamans OK gay marriage ban amendment,” “Robertson defends, clarifies leg-press claim,” and “911 operators charged after ignoring call.”  I could not find any article on the outcome of the congressional election in California!  One would think that the election of a new Congressman was more important than Pat Robertson’s leg-press claim.  I guess it is not to those who select articles for the Peoria Journal Star.

Who won the special election in California’s Fiftieth Congressional District?  Brian Bilbray—the Republican.  Why wasn’t this reported in the Peoria Journal Star?  I don’t know.  Maybe, we should ask the people who work for the Peoria Journal Star.    



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