Saturday, September 30, 2006


As I said on my blog Wednesday night, I’ve been getting my first book ready for publication the last three weeks.  I’m now working on doing the same for my second book.  The book is entitled Homosexuality and the Bible.  Since I wrote it a couple of years ago, I went onto the internet to look for some updated material. I came across a new site (for me) and some disturbing information.  Some of that information will be posted in the next couple of blogs.

The information for tonight comes from which, as I understand it, is a website set up to combat the lies of homosexual activists and to expose the activities of those in the homosexual movement.  I have not double checked any of this information.  I am presenting the material as it was presented on the Americans for Truth website.

Five More Reasons to Get Your Kid Off

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Nearly every junior high and high school student I know has a profile on  Parents, if you don’t understand what is really about, you need to learn (perhaps by attending i-safe training, as I did at my local police department) and then get your child’s profile OFF MySpace (and/or similar sites). If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe this advice from homosexual author Josh K. of the “Josh & Josh” blog.—Sonja Dalton”

(I apologize for the language I’m now going to print. It is a direct quote from the “Josh & Josh” blog as quoted by Sonja Dalton.—my addition)

Five Reasons Why MySpace is the New
[Posted Sept 9, 2006 on “Josh & Josh”]

One) There are more pull-up-my-A&F-graphic-t-shirt-with-my-left-hand-and-use-my-right-hand-to-capture-my-moderately-scultped-and-hairless-torso-use- -my-right-hand-to-capture-my-moderately-sculpted-and-hairless-torso-in-the-bathroom-mirror-while-I-throw-my-head-back-and-purse-my-lips pics on MySpace than any Friday night on Manhunt [a raunchy website for homosexual male hook-ups]. And that’s really saying something.

Two) MySpace gives every man-about-town hopeful the option to list his “stats” and “body type.” …

Three) Most people who have a MySpace profile also have a Friendster profile. As a general rule, you can count on a user’s pictures on MySpace to be a lot trashier (e.g. shirtless, PBR in hand) than their pictures on Friendster. (Also: see #1.)

Four) MySpace is free…

Five) Okay, now here’s the deal: you know MySpace is the new [another raunchy site for homosexual male hook-ups] when a guy you’ve been messaging admits he’s pretty much flirted, dated, or had sex with the same people you’ve flirted, dated, or had sex with. And that’s all I have to say about that.

—Josh K.”

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(To be continued)      


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