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"MySpace" part 2

My previous post was an article about MySpace that had been originally posted on The post generated a response which was posted and responded to on  My post tonight is that response and the reply by the original author of the original post.

MySpace Post: What Was Our Point?

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

On Friday, Sept 15, we received this letter from a reader (who shall remain anonymous since he was mostly polite) in response to our post, Five More Reasons to Get Your Kid OFF

Everyone at Americans for Truth has the right to their own opinion, a right we all share in this great country.  However, Sonja recently came to some disturbing conclusions regarding an innocent blog comparing MySpace to  Her unsaid, although clear conclusion is that every gay person on MySpace is somehow preying upon children.  There are predators on MySpace, but to automatically assume they are only gay is absurd.  The fact is, most child predators are \”straight\” men preying on young girls, and to ignore that is simply misinformation.  Pedophiles, regardless of their sexual orientation, are a danger to children, so please, don\’t put every homosexual into a group with pedophiles, to do so is not only unfair, but completely devoid of logic.  I acknowledge the fact that groups such as yours rarely care about the truth, which makes me realize, PLEASE continue spreading your lies, it will simply make it so much easier for us to win the war against HATE!!!!!!

(Do you think homosexual activists take a required course on how to react to those who disagree with them?  It seems their responses are eerily similar.  First, the writer acknowledges that others have a right to an opinion [no matter how wrong in his view], then he distorts that opinion beyond recognition, and finally he concludes with the old stand by theme: anyone who disagrees with homosexual behavior does so because of HATE.  

(What utter nonsense.  However, it does seem to work to their advantage with some segments of our society.  So, why not continue to use the method?  When will our society wake up, recognize, and understand the sin involved in homosexual behavior?—my addition)  

And we responded as follows:

Good Evening [name omitted],

Thank you for writing, sir.  I did not (and would not) imply that “Josh & Josh” are pedophiles, nor would I imply that all/most homosexual men have such a tendency.  (Some do.)  There was nothing in their post about pedophiles/children, so how could that be my point?

The “Josh & Josh not-so-innocent post reveals that homosexual men are posting provocative profiles and “trashy” photos on MySpace and are using the site to hook up for sex.  Thus, my point was:

Any kid playing around on MySpace is vulnerable to accessing the graphic profiles of adult homosexual men, complete with sexually suggestive or even pornographic photographs, sexual dialogue, etc.  No child, no teenager, should be exposed to that sort of explicit material.  Parents need to wake up and get their kids OFF these websites.

I hope you will re-read the post and see that I made absolutely no suggestion about anyone being a pedophile.

However, if I were to write about homosexual pedophiles (and at some point I may), I could say this much, and I wouldn’t have to “automatically assume” anything: I’ve seen firsthand the MySpace profiles of “some” (certainly not all) adult homosexual men, with hardcore homosexual pornographic photos posted on MySpace profiles, who are indeed preying upon young boys (just as some heterosexual men are preying upon young girls, which is also reprehensible).  That danger presents an even more urgent reason for parents to take responsibility and block these sites.

Best Regards (and No Hate)-

Sonja Dalton

Matthew 18: 6-7”

[Matthew 18:6-7 says: “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to sin!  Such things must come, but woe to the man through whom they come!” (NIV)—my addition]

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