Thursday, July 19, 2007

Iraq comment

Here is my anticipated schedule. I did not expect the Peoria Journal Star to print my letter about Creationism. I have already received responses—one posted comment and one by mail which have not yet been read. I also received one comment from my second to last post on Iraq. (“What happens if we withdraw from Iraq?” It was posted early Monday morning on the 16th.)

My plan is to post that comment about Iraq with this post. I will then cut short some of what I was planning on writing about Iraq to either two or three additional posts (hopefully two) as I respond to the comment. I have pushed back a response to a post on immigration that I will answer before dealing with the creation responses. I believe the immigration posts will take four or five. (I’ll try for four.) Therefore, it will be next week before I begin to respond to the material dealing with creation. I will deal with each one in the order that I received them. Thank you for your understanding.

How many unborn toddlers were murdered today because of the humanistic, paganish decisions of the United States Supreme Court?

Stop the
Murder of

“Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” James 4: 17 (NIV)

The following is a comment posted in response to my post on “What happens if we withdraw from Iraq?” which was posted on July 16, 2007. Although I disagree with almost all that he says, I must congratulate him for speculating about the future consequences. His statements in that regard are more than I have heard or seen from those in Congress who are demanding a pullout from Iraq.

I do agree with one aspect of his comments though. We can not know with certainty the result of any action we take today until after the fact. That is one reason why I believe it is important to ask—no demand—that those who so desire a withdrawal give us some reasonable expectation of the consequences of that withdrawal. He has attempted to do so although I don’t believe his conclusions are accurate. I will begin answering his question “Now you tell me what you believe will happen if we stay or if we leave.” with the next post. (The LORD willing.) Probably, we will both be wrong to some extent and one of us will be very wrong. However, it is still important to know what the decision makers (which neither of us is ultimately) have concluded will be the consequences of their demand for almost immediate withdrawal.

The following is as written except for some slight cleaning up of spelling and punctuation on my part and putting it into the format I use for posts.

“Anonymous said…

What will happen in Iraq over the next five years is what will eventually happen even if we stay.

First, there is not nor will there be a democracy in Iraq. However, there is a civil war which will be concluded at some point regardless of how long we stay.

Each year that we are in Iraq equates to 1200 dead US Soldiers, 10,000 wounded, and 100 billion dollar’s (our tax dollars) wasted—as a former school teacher, think of the positive effect that putting 50 billion dollars of new money each year in our schools would have had over the last five years.

This is what is going to happen in Iraq whenever we leave. There will be a civil war. The Shiites will form an Iranian style Islamic government with all of the suppression that goes with it. The Kurds will form an autonomous region in the north (Turkey will love us for that happening). The Sunni will most likely be allowed to form a semi autonomous region somewhat under their control. This will happen because Sunni Saudi Arabia and allies and Shiite Iran and Syria will find it to be in their national interests to see that this happens. Will the civil war be bloody? Of course. Will there be ethnic cleansing—yes.

Will the USA be safer—yes. One of the first groups that will be purged as a result of the civil war will be Al-Qaida.

Is the USA now safer because it invaded Iraq? No, but leaving Iraq will make the U.S. safer than it will be if it stays in Iraq.

Now you tell me what you believe will happen if we stay or if we leave. After 5 years, I’ll revisit your blog and see who is correct.” “7:56 PM”