Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Iraq War and a past generation

I will not be continuing my Creationism posts today. I do plan to return to them soon.

Then, I plan to answer the response about Iraq. I am sorry for the change in plans. Plans, in reality, often are altered for one reason or another. “The best laid plans … often go astray.” Thank you for your understanding and patience.

How many unborn toddlers were murdered today because of the humanistic, paganish, barbaric decisions of the United States Supreme Court?

Stop the
Murder of

“Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” James 4: 17 (NIV)








Flash back into the past to a generation that was attacked during a time of upheaval. PBS aired a segment Monday night (9/24/07) dealing with World War II entitled “When Things Get Tough.” That generation did not retreat or talk about defeat when the war was difficult and thousands of our people were captured and killed. They did not stammer “Woe is us!” They did not talk about a limit of fighting for 12 months for our men and then 12 months of comfort back in the States. They endured and fought on because they knew the stakes were high but the sacrifices were worth the cost.

Today, we have almost a whole political party and a large number of citizens who would rather support and fight for the butchering of innocent unborn babies than to carry on the fight against terrorists whose avowed aim is to destroy us and who readily bomb and murder innocent children and civilians. They criticize every action taken to avoid defeat and instead demand retreat and PROCLAIM defeat already. What a change in leadership from the generation that led the nation in World War II. What a change in attitude by the populace of World War II and the populace of today.

Today, the attitude is the same appeasement thinking that originally helped bring about World War II. “If we let the enemy have what they want, they will leave us alone. Can’t we all just be friends?” The only problem is they want to destroy us. Are you really willing to allow that without a fight? Get your heads out of the sand—appeasement did not work before World War II and it will not work today.

A defeat in Iraq will not be a military defeat but rather a defeat of the will. It is an almost certain guarantee that the enemy will increase its efforts to destroy us. It almost certainly will not be an end to our involvement in the war against terror.

Stop murdering our unborn. Start defending our nation against a band of terrorists who have demanded our destruction. Stop the retreat and defeat mentality.


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