Monday, March 07, 2011

Oil companies are not the culprit; extremist “environmentalists” are

Really, I do plan to comment on Congressional term limits. However, I received e-mails over the last few days that are time sensitive and need to supersede an issue that is not presently before the public. Congressional term limits, if ever seriously discussed, will not be a prominent issue immediately. I have also decided that there are three segments to the proposal I’ve already posted on term limits so I’m going to deal with each segment separately. The plan now is to address them on the 9th through the 11th. Of course, this schedule is subject to change at my discretion. Today’s post deals with the increasing cost of oil and gasoline.

From: Tea Party Nation

“Sticker Shock!
Posted by Judson Phillips on March 6, 2011 at 8:06am in Tea Party Nation Forum

In less than three weeks, the prices at my local gas station have gone up fifty cents a gallon. This morning, a number of media sources were reporting four and even five dollar a gallon gas is coming. Given the rate gas prices have been increasing over the last couple of weeks that is going to be here sooner, not later. (If the present rise continues! That’s not totally predictable. The price may continue to rise rapidly; it may not. However, it is true that the price has been rising rapidly over this short term—my addition.)

With that staggering increase in gas prices, comes the ripple effect. Everything we consume is going to become more expensive because of the cost of fuel. (Probably not everything; but one can expect price increases in many, many products connected to oil either directly or indirectly—my addition.) This will include everything from food to clothing to durable goods; such was computers and washing machines. With Americans having to cut even more of their discretionary income to pay for fuel, we will see yet more Americans out of work and even more disruption to a soft economy. (This does not necessarily follow. There are a lot of variable involved. However, I don’t have space to teach economics here and the purpose of this post is not to teach economics—my addition.)

I suppose I could note that the drive-by media is not all over their President, like they were over George W. Bush. (True!—my addition) I could also note that Obama wants higher gas prices. He said as much. High gas prices will help destroy the American economy, which is one of his goals. (Quite possibly true! It certainly seems to be!—my addition)

No, I am here to say we Americans will not go quietly into the economic nightmare that Obama and his socialist cronies have intended for us.

America has vast resources. Thanks to fifty years of the leftists trying to hobble our economy, we are now not allowed to access those resources. It is utter insanity to import two thirds of our oil and be dependent on countries that hate us, when we have more than enough oil here in America.

(Very true! And one of the major ways that they hobble our economy is through “environmental” action groups, the “environmental” lobby including the nonsense about “global warming,” and lawsuits.

When I was a school board member in Arizona, we built a new high school in an undeveloped area northwest of Tucson. It was at the intersection of two county roads that were each two lanes. However, the county had plans to expand the north-south road to four to six lanes because of the impending growth in the area.

The “environmentalists” sued to stop all growth in the area to “protect” pygmy owls, as an endangered species, that were in the area. That law suit ended construction and growth in the area for several years.

It finally came out that the pygmy owl was not indigenous to the area! A few dozen had migrated north from Mexico where they were indigenous. Building in the area was finally allowed.

The real goal of these extremist “environmentalists” is CONTROL! They want to stop economic progress! And that is why they so vehemently attack oil companies. The growth of the oil industry is synonymous with economic growth. Economic growth is “evil” in the eyes of these “environmentalists!” These people HATE the free enterprise system! They believe capitalism is evil! They will do everything in their power to destroy it even if it means the destruction of the nation.

Why do so many follow them? Because they LIE!!!

As a side note, I binged the pygmy owl. A June 5, 2008 story has this headline: “Arizona Pygmy Owl Could Be Relisted as Endangered.”

These people are “true believers!” They are relentless! And they are DANGEROUS to our way of live and the free enterprise system.

Why do we give them any credence? They are LIARS!!!—my addition)

Now is the time to stop the madness.

Here is what we need to do. On Monday, call, email and fax your senators and congressman. Tell them you do not want them to do anything else, including funding the government for the rest of the year, until congress enacts an emergency plan to immediately begin drilling for oil in all available areas in the country. Not only do we have massive oil reserves off the coasts of this country, but also inland. In Texas, North and South Dakota, we have massive oil reserves. Why aren’t we drilling? Answer, thanks to leftist environmental whackos, we can’t. (True! And Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t want us to drill. These radical “environmentalists” [think “global warming” alarmists] are part of his core constituency! Oil, “global warming,” “environmentalists,” leftist Democrats! They are all tied together in an attempt to control and ultimately to destroy the free enterprise system of this nation!—my addition)

We also need refineries for the oil. The last refinery in the United States was built in 1976. Why? Because every time a company proposes building one, they are sued by the environmentalists and the cases tie the refinery up for years, costing millions of dollars in legal fees. In addition, there is so much bureaucracy that must be dealt with; it makes it impossible (It makes it economically unfeasible to build one—my addition.) to build one. Even liberal Slate magazine, in 2004 recognized the refinery shortage was driving up prices.

By allowing drilling and the immediate construction of new refineries, not only will we see a drop in the price of gas, which will help the economy, (But, not immediately. It takes time to do these things!—my addition) but we will also see creation of jobs in Gulf Coast area, Texas and through out parts of the Midwest. Of course, these are all red states, so Obama does not want to help them.

We need congress to pass emergency legislation that will allow not only immediate drilling, but also the immediate construction of new refineries. Yes, no one likes them in their back yards, but someone is going to have to make a sacrifice for the country.

Congress is also going to have to strip federal courts of the ability to issue injunctions to stop their construction. (Better yet. Congress should do away with the Environmental Protection Agency. It has become nothing more than a tool used by extremist “environmentalists” to hinder economic growth in this country. By hindering economic growth, they are also hindering prosperity!—my addition)

Gas at four dollars a gallon is a crisis. Gas at five dollars a gallon will be a serious economic crisis and gas at ten dollars a gallon will trigger an economic meltdown in this country. (Possibly! Making future economic predictions is not a guarantee that those predictions will come true—my addition.)

Think of the jobs new drilling and the refineries will create. Tomorrow morning, call, email or fax your Senators and Congressman. Here is a secret. A well-written letter, faxed to Washington has a huge impact. (more so than a phone call, an e-mail, and/or a mass fax attack that is not individual in nature—my addition)

Spread the word about this. If you feel so inclined, reprint this blog on your local Tea Party group’s website or share it via email and at your next meeting. We have very little time to prevent an economic disaster.

Paradoxically, if we are successful, Congress acts and we can start drilling and building new refineries, and push the price of gas down, this may help increase the chances Barack Obama gets reelected. If gas prices drop significantly, we will start to see something of an economic recovery. In politics, there is an old truism; a good economy means a good reelection. Fixing the economy and saving this country from a depression is too important, even if in doing so, we increase the chances of a second Obama term. (Personally, I don’t think it will help President Obama if we do our job and educate the voting public on who is responsible for an improving economy. And it SURE IS NOT this President!—my addition)

Call, email and fax Washington! We don’t want to be telling our children and grand children stories of living through America’s second great depression.”

Here’s the simple truth. In a free enterprise system, the price of a product—in this case, oil—is dependent on supply and demand, if the free enterprise system is allowed to work. To decrease the price of a product, all other things being equal, the supply of the product needs to be increased. Long term in regard to oil, the best way to help our economy is to increase the supply of oil extracted from within the United States.

Don’t be mislead by the haters of the free enterprise system such as Illinois Senator Dick Durbin who scream about “obscene” profits, “windfall” profits, “fair” profits, and all the other leftist, liberal propaganda malarkey. You don’t hear them use the same language against Bill Gates do you? Profits drive the economic machine in a free enterprise system. They are necessary. They are the force behind growth and prosperity.

The old Soviet Union didn’t fall because of profits. It failed because of control. No nation in the long run can regulate and control an economy. Humans don’t have the ability to control human nature and to control the uncontrollable!

Oil companies are not the enemy! Profits are not the enemy! People, including radical “environmentalists,” who want control and dominance of our lives are!