Monday, May 09, 2011

Petition to the Senate—Support H.R. 3 to Defund the MURDER of unborn babies

Saturday I posted the House vote in support of H.R. 3 to defund the MURDER of unborn babies. Today, a petition to go to Senators to encourage them to also vote to defund the MURDER of unborn babies. We MUST keep up the pressure. And then vote those out of office who support the stealing of our money to finance their wicked, evil desire to continue MURDERING unborn babies!!!

I do plan to return to the budget and, in fact, the removal of money for this MURDEROUS act is part of a return to sanity in the budget process. The federal government spends billions of dollars in support of actions that are NOT part of the powers and authority of the federal government according to the Constitution of the United States!

From: Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee

“On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed a crucial pro-life bill—and abortion groups exploded almost immediately in anger. Nancy Keenan, the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America called it the Republican ‘War on Women.’ Nancy Pelosi called the bill a ‘radical assault’ on women’s choice. The head of the Center for Reproductive Rights called it an ‘attack on women’s health and rights.’ (Because we, the people refuse to finance the MURDER of unborn children!!!—my addition)

What does the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (H.R. 3.) do? It simply stops you as a taxpayer from being forced to pay for abortions and protects the conscience rights for medical professionals who do not support abortion. And for this, the pro-abortion leaders are calling the bill a ‘war on women,’ a ‘radical assault,’ and an ‘attack!’

Donald, this is the nature of the battle we face. And that’s why I want to rally an additional 25,000 signers to our ‘No Taxpayer Funds For Abortion’ petition before the next key votes take place on this issue in the Senate. If you want to get the government out of the abortion business, please go here now and sign CWA’s crucial petition:

Thanks to citizens like you who signed petitions and made phone calls, we saw one of the most important pieces of pro-life legislation pass the House yesterday.

But if we do not speak up, pro-abortion groups will succeed in framing this debate as a ‘war on women’ when in fact this is all about GETTING THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF THE ABORTION BUSINESS! (Getting government out of the MURDER business!!!—my addition)

Please ... Sign the petition so we can have it on file and ready for delivery before the Senate takes up this issue. Thank you for partnering with CWA!

Penny Nance
Chief Executive Officer”


“Concerned Women (And Men!—my addition) from Across America saying ...
‘NO Taxpayer Funded Abortions!’

Petition Sponsor: Concerned Women for America

Every day in America, nearly 4,000 innocent pre-borns are aborted, and that tragic number would likely soar higher if pro-abortion groups can siphon your tax dollars to fund their bloodlust. But with this new Congress comes new opportunity to garner support for and ensure that our tax dollars are never used to kill the innocent victims of abortion through the ‘No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.’

Stand with CWA on Behalf of the Unborn (MURDER—my addition) Victims

Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization in the nation is calling on 100,000 conservative grassroots women (and men—my addition) to be the voice for the unborn by signing our national petition and supporting our efforts to permanently prohibit tax dollars from funding abortions.

The Petition States

‘As a pro-life American citizen, I am sickened over continued efforts by the abortion industry to use my tax-dollars to fund the destruction (MURDER—my addition) of innocent life. I urge you to use your political position to champion the plight of the unborn in our nation in the following ways:

Support any and all legislative efforts to permanently prohibit taxpayer funding for abortion services in the U.S. and abroad.

Support a federal ban on the funding of abortion and abortion related services both here and abroad.

With a new conservative Congress now in place, we have an incredible opportunity to begin to change the culture in our nation from one of death to life by working to enhance and protect the rights of the unborn.’”