Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Mother Saves Son from Abortion Against the Advice of the Doctor! Child Born Safely and Securely! All Is Well! GOD’S Definition of a Mother!

According to Politics1, there are nine Republicans running for the open Senate seat in Georgia including three current Congressmen. I was going to sit this primary out and let the voters of Georgia decide their candidate. I am not going to officially give support to any one candidate. That being said, Congressman Paul Broun is the only candidate that routinely sends me e-mails. His website is http://www.paulbroun.com/ From what I can tell, he is a true conservative. I received an e-mail from his campaign yesterday that linked this great campaign ad! I had to share it!


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This is a bonus video on Dr. Broun and the MURDER of unborn babies


From: http://www.lifenews.com/2014/02/03/told-baby-would-die-mom-rejects-abortion-no-way-i-was-terminating-my-baby/

“Told Baby Would Die, Mom Rejects Abortion: ‘No Way I Was Terminating My Baby’
by Steven Ertelt | London, England | LifeNews.com | 2/3/14

Rachel Collins’ water broke at 20 weeks during her pregnancy and her doctors advised her that an abortion would be the best option. Physicians at Sutton Coldfield’s Good Hope Hospital who advised her abortion said her baby had just a 10 percent chance of surviving (10% is better than 0% and no one should MURDER a child just because he/shemost likelywill die! The child will most assuredly die if MURDERED!—my addition).

‘I could feel my baby moving, he was alive, how could I get rid of him (Good question!—my addition)?’ Collins said. Despite the bleak outlook, Collins pressed on and she is now the proud mother of a health baby boy named Alfie.

Collins talked with the Observer newspaper about her story:

The only way she could cope with the heartbreaking news that her baby was unlikely to survive, was to log each day down in a special journal.

Rachel said: ‘Everything seemed fine until I went for my 20-week scan at Good Hope Hospital and they said my waters had gone (How did she not know that? How? Why?—my addition) .’

‘The doctor said ‘this baby will die, the best (Best? That seems a strange definition of best!”—my addition) thing you can do is terminate it’.’

‘But we already had a name for our baby and I was devastated.’

‘We had suffered an ectopic pregnancy in February and the thought of losing two babies in one year was devastating.’

‘There was no way I was terminating my baby, I thought if he’s not meant to be, then I will miscarry—but I knew that I had to try (Good for her!—my addition).’

Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham agreed to take Rachel on as a patient.


She said: ‘They told me it was going to be tough, that he might have a squashed face or a club foot, but they said they would give him a chance.’

‘It was hard; I was at hospital more often than I was at home, but I just had to keep going.’

Alfie was due on Christmas Day, but was born prematurely at 30 weeks by emergency caesarean, on October 21.

She added: ‘He is a little miracle. It was a nightmare pregnancy, but every day he was hanging on was a blessing. He is now 6lb 14oz and has no health problems (Amen! Faith! Hope! Trust!—my addition).’”

I posted this because I believe it is an example of what GOD intended for mothers as far as protecting and nurturing their child! The woman who MURDERS her own child is the antithesis of GOD created woman! What kind of society have we become when women declare that MURDERING their own children is arightgiven to them by government. When that MURDER is glorified.” When our President praises the organization that MURDERS more of our children than any other organization. When our President blasphemously asks GOD to bless that organization.

GOD is more patient than I am. GOD forgive us as a nation, guide us to repentance! Help us to stop the MURDEROUS slaughter!

This is my two part suggestion to Tea Party groups, social conservatives, Constitutionalists, and anyone else who wants to save our Republic from the approaching destruction.

1) Run as many conservative candidates in as many Republican primaries as possible.

2) Then, run as many independent and/or third party candidates as possible in as many races as possible where we did not win the primary.

That is why I am working to get the Constitution Party on the ballot in Texas. If we get on the ballot, we will have two Congressional House candidates running and two State candidates running. Getting on the ballot is the first step. Winning elections is the second. Winning elections will grow the Party. The Constitution Party is much more in line with the Tea Party movement than is the Republican Party. And I have been involved with all three!

The Constitution Party of Texas website: http://cptexas.us/home/                    

If elected to Congress, I will not, under any circumstances, vote for present Speaker of the House John Boehner to be Speaker of the House. I call on every Republican primary candidate running in Texas Congressional District 19 to publicly (in writing) make the same pledge. It would not be a bad idea for every Republican candidate running for the House of Representatives to give the same pledge. See my post at http://christiangunslinger3.blogspot.com on December 16, 2013 entitled “Speaker of the House John Boehner Attacks the Tea Party Again for Being Fiscally Responsible!”

If I am elected to the House, I will use the Constitution, as written, to do everything in my power to stop judicial tyranny! Will the other candidates pledge the same? I know our present Representative has NOT done everything possible to stop judicial tyranny! Why is that?

Competition is good for the economy and competition is good for the Republican Party!!! Competition keeps Congressmen committed to we the people!!! Primary Republicans who do not support the Constitution as written.

The Constitution Party of Texas website: http://cptexas.us/home/